Craftsbury Outdoor Center

Craftsbury Outdoor Center

A 4-season resort tucked beside a secluded lake in the tranquil "Northeast Kingdom." Escape the frantic pace and actively enjoy the great Vermont outdoors.

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Repechages and Quarterfinals at 2014

After yesterday's delay of racing due to conditions deemed unfair by ...

Tues Night 5k Final Wrap

There could be no better way to wrap up the Summer 5k Trail Series ...

Weather Delays Racing in Amsterdam

Tuesday's racing at the 2014 World Rowing Championships in Amsterdam ...

GRP Athletes and Craftsbury Junior

2700’ of vertical climbing over a mere 4.3 miles. No matter how ...

Craftsbury Outdoor Center

Our boathouse looks out on Big Hosmer Pond, a 2.25 mile long lake nestled in the hills & forests of Northern Vermont.

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