SBTC Workout of the Week: # 2

Work Out Type: Medium to high aerobic pieces with emphasis on power, technique and boat control.

Purpose: Re-establishing stroke length and power application without producing high levels of lactate. Develop the ability to shift up and down between 2 minute pieces.  Learning to allow the shell to run out between strokes

Frequency: 2 times within 7-8 workouts

Workout: 3 x 20 minutes with a 2 minute paddle between each 20 minute piece, varying stroke rate every 2 minutes. Try to use a rolling start sequence between each 2 minute section to make the shifting more race like.

Workout Structure:

Piece A: 20 minutes of repeating the following sequence:  2 min. @18, 2 @ 20, 2 @ 22. Repeat this three step sequence, starting at 18 spm every time, until 20 min. is reached, then enjoy a 2 min. paddle. Don’t forget to use a rolling race start sequence as one changes the rating.

Piece B: Same three stage sequence, but beginning at 20 strokes per minute:  2 min. @ 20, 2 @ 22, 2 @ 24 and then begin the sequence again at 20spm. Keep repeating three part sequence until 20 min. is reached, then 2 min. paddle.

Piece C: Same as above, but starting at 22 strokes per minute:  2 min. @ 22, 2 min. @ 24, 2 min. @ 26 and then begin the sequence again at 22spm. Keep repeating sequence until 20 min. is reached, then cool down.

Example “A” piece: Start off on the paddle, then row 3/4, 1/2, 3/4 length strokes slightly building the rate as the boat increases speed. Then shift into the 18 strokes per minute. After 2 minutes at 18, again take 3/4, 1/2, 3/4 then find rate 20. Repeat for the next 2 minute segment. It doesn’t make a difference whether you are moving to a higher or lower rate, always include a starting sequence.

Once 20 minutes (or ten 2 minute segments if you prefer to think of it that way) are completed paddle easy for 2 minutes. During your paddle, prepare for the B piece with slightly higher stroke rates.

Cool Down: Plan on a 10-15 minute cool down with balance drills allowing the hands to pause every third stroke at thighs, knees and ankles either within the same recovery or individual recoveries. Then move to 1/4 slide, 1/2 slide and 3/4 slide. Each pause position should be repeated 10 times.

During the pause drills, really test your ability to keep the boat keeled and the blades off the water by relaxing and looking out toward the horizon. Try to become part of the boat.

Next Work Out: 3 sets of 10 x 1:40 work/0:20 rest interval.

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