SBTC Workout of the Week: # 3


The workout of the week returns after a Boat Race hiatus. Above is photographic evidence of one of the earliest known laps on Big Hosmer, done by Troy a little over a week ago.

Work Out Type: Anaerobic threshold system work.

Purpose: This workout provides a structure to practice pacing and repeatability of effort and technique, as well as developing your race start sequence off the paddle.

Frequency: 1 time within 8-10 practices

Workout: 3 sets of 9 intervals. Each interval consists of 1:40 work/0:20 paddle. Between each set, there is an active rest of 2:20 – the time equivalent of one rest period, one work period and one rest period during the interval portion of this workout. Focus on making all your intervals the same. This means the same across all the pieces:  during each the interval (start to finish), when comparing one interval to another within a set, and one set to the next.

Workout Structure:

Include a moderate warm-up of 15-20 minutes with a few stationary start pickups. The pickups should include your start sequence plus the first 5-8 strokes of your race pace.

The first piece of each set is from a standing start. Complete your first 5-8 strokes of the race start sequence then stride out into the prescribed stroke rate – in this case 4-6 strokes below race rate. Your effort should be in your anaerobic threshold range:  hard, but sustainable. Each subsequent piece within that set (intervals 2-9) will be off a rolling start.

After the 9th interval of set A, take 2:20 of active recovery (paddle pressure). Start set B from a standing start and repeat the process for it and set C.

Example: Set A: Interval 1 is a standing start and opens:  ¾, ½, ¾, lengthening to full slide at a 34-36 for 5 additional strokes. At that point, stride to 26-28 strokes a minute (if you race rate is 32). At the end of 1:40, take 20s paddle. Interval 2 will start using the same sequence as interval 1, but from a rolling start. After interval 9 take the rest period of 2:20 as described above. Slow to a halt and start set B from a standing start – remembering you want to keep all these intervals the same.

Cool Down: Check your stroke length and recovery sequence to be sure you are catching where you reach and you are preparing the blade for the entry as your prepare the body. Allow the shell to run under you by focusing on the knees releasing and bringing the stern under your seat.

New Work Out: 4 x 10 minutes with 5 minutes rest

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