9-6-09 nature shots-bees 024I leave to go back home to California tomorrow.  I am sad to leave Craftsbury.  It is absolutely amazing here.  I could not have asked for a more awesome fall!  What I have found is that everyone is sad to leave Craftsbury – it is just a really special place.  I just wanted to share some of the photos I took while I was here and say thank you to everyone I met up here!  And an especially grateful thank you to Coach Larry Gluckman, Pepa, Dick, and Judy.  I learned so much from everyone I met up here- the Graves brothers taught me what extreme awesomeness really was.  Eli, Johnny, Emily, Taylor, Erick, Spencer, Hank, and Code – it was so awesome being teammates with all of you- you taught me so much about rowing and friendship!  Thank you to Kimberly and Troy!  The Nordic Skiiers (inc. Anna)- thanks for all of the fun and adventures – you taught me what endurance could be.  Thank you to everyone in the office and the kitchen – thank you for the delicious food and generosity!!!  Thank you to everyone who came to the fitness class (which is still going on) – it was so much fun helping Coach with that class –  Thank you to all of the locals; thank you for your stories and thank you for sharing your space with me.  It has been such a joy being here and I am so grateful I had the amazing oppertunity to be coached here and by Larry Gluckman.    I hope you all have an amazing snow filled winter!9-6-09 nature shots-bees 008

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