Endless Winter, Part 2: Race Results

Some of the Vermonters with their booty. Spencer, Marika, Qunicy, Linda, Murray, and Unnur (Icelandic BKL friend).

The Craftsbury members in Iceland capped their stay with competition in the Fossavatnsgangan in Ísafjörður. This classic race has distances from 10k to 50k (though weather mandated a shortened 45k in 2013). As alluded to, conditions were pretty memorable, as blue hard wax weather and snow gave way to 0C, rain/snow/sleet and high winds. But the Vermonters toughed it out. Member Paul Bierman reported these results:

Quincy Massey Bierman, 2nd overall woman in 10k
Marika Massey Bierman, 4th in 14 and under 15k
Anica Koontz Miller, 5th in the 14 and under 15k
Unnur (Icelandic friend of the girls), 3rd in 16 and under 15k
Spencer Eusden, 8th in 45k
Linda Ramsdell, 3rd in 30-49 woman in the 45k
Murray Banks, 3rd in 50-66 year old men

Full results haven’t been posted yet, but you can check the race website. While Vermont was enjoying balmy spring/summer temperatures, these hardy skiers were stuck in Iceland for an additional day thanks to a gale in the North Atlantic. Brrr…

Seems that any of these skiers have to be considered favorites for the Slush Cup Sprints this weekend. What a way to cap winter!

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