Cove Community

From my vantage point in the Duck Blind, the Cove is teeming with life and activity.The bullfrogs croak late into the night, the peepers are a continuous backdrop to the bass of the bullfrogs and the loons let loose with their yodeling into the wee hours. The red winged blackbirds are ubiquitous as are the ripples from the beavers coming and going from their solid lodge.

I spied this prehistoric creature traipsing toward the Cove this morning. It’s egg-laying season and snapping turtles are on the move. With a decent amount of leg speed she crossed the dirt road and disappeared into the grasses.

The loons have successfully hatched a chick which is now riding around Hosmer in style on the back of one parent or the other. This photo isn’t the greatest but it’s the best I could do while respecting the space of our newest family on Big Hosmer.

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