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Archive for the ‘Race Reports’ Category

“Eleven. Exactly. One louder.”

10.Jul.2014 by Steve Whelpley

Well, the M4x is alive and well and thinking of Spinal Tap as we have left England for Switzerland.

While there’s plenty to relate about the upcoming World Cup in Lucerne, I’ll start by giving you a quick crash course about our Henley trip.  The main point of going to the Royal Henley Regatta was to be over here and away from home for longer in an effort to be more acclimated, prepared, and ready for the World Cup.  While we wound up having only one race at Henley, it was a valuable and important one against the GB squad’s quad that won the second World Cup.

The flight over went well.  Oars and all.

IMG_20140629_221545025 IMG_20140630_052645 IMG_20140630_063045 IMG_20140630_063138

Love that the cokes which say Jim and Phil in the states say “Mum” over here.  Let me tell you though, 3 meter long cases that are lime green turn some heads.

IMG_20140630_083103 IMG_20140630_092529 IMG_20140630_092725 IMG_20140630_153927366

We started to settle in to the regatta quickly with some rigging, some eating, some sleeping.  All of them in more than ample amounts.  At Henley, a massive chunk of the competitors rent rooms from locals as there are not many hotels in town.  It’s a unique setup that works for the regatta.  We sweetened the deal with some syrup and GRP hats.

We kept make adjustments to the boat as the week went by and got some quality rows in before Dan showed up to put the final touches on the Friday before our race.  I have to say racing on Saturday at Henley is a pretty crazy experience.  The course is a little longer than 2k.  It’s about 2112 meters.  Every meter packed with spectators.  Although the regatta has a lot of fanfare that even within our boat has varying degrees of worth, stacking up against the GB quad to jumpstart our engine was very worthwhile.  Here’s a quick recap from my personal blog:

the Brits were on average almost 2 stones heavier than us per person (28lbs).  that’s a huge difference.  we had the favorable lane (berks).  i think it’s favor at the start is debatable with any amount of wind, but it is a help at the finish where the river bends and the part of the course you’re on has the inside of the bend.  off the start, we were neck and neck through most of the island (roughly the first 200m).  i would say our start was decent, but didn’t seem like our ultimate.  it was actually when we settled though that we started moving on them, which is great to see and feel.  i mean the fact that we didn’t move on them by simply out-rating them is a great thing.  we were ahead by the first major mark, the barrier, which is a little over 500 into the race.  i’d love to give you times, but got no time right now.  we went very similar speeds for all the marks to thos ethat we did in practice, which is interesting.  between the barrier and foley, we feel that we got more length than ever was reported.  i believe we were up at least half a boat during this chunk of the race.  however, just before foley, they started to move and closed the gap some by that major mark.  our main error in this race was the fact that we didn’t react more to their move.  they were loud, deliberate, and seemed almost anxious about their move.  we should have countered with confidence.  after foley, which is around halfway sort of, they pulled ahead of us.  we stayed in contact and shortly after the 1 mile mark we started to sprint.  it was a decent sprint and all of us were yanking on it, but it just wasn’t enough to catch them even in the better lane.  we closed back and finished just half a length down.  we came rather close to the booms several times, but definitely during the sprint.  that steering probably cost us a little bit. we just needed to sprint the whole last 500m at like a 40, or so a few people think and i agree to a degree.

A lot of people enjoyed watching the race and have talked about it since.  Even so, all we want to do is keep the speed coming in the races to come.

Speaking of the fanfare, it was kind of neat that it was the 175th anniversary.


Here’s some footage of our race:

Update on the GRP Heavies

24.Jun.2014 by Steve Whelpley

Here’s a quick update from the GRP’s most buoyant.

In April, like our rowing teammates, we raced the first National Selection Regatta (ie NSRI) in singles in the Open Mens Single (ie M1x).  I managed to win that race.  In May, also like our teammates, we competed in NSRII in the Open Mens Double (ie M2x).  John and Ben locked up the ‘W’ at this regatta.  Now, it’s important to know that while the regattas are called Selection Regattas, this is more of a preliminary selection.  In certain events like the pair, it might simply be a nomination to a selection camp for a boat that is not open to trialing.  In other cases like our events, which are in fact trials boats, winning the regatta allows you to travel to one of the World Cup races in an attempt to lock down the boat as yours.  Basically, if you place sixth or better at one of the World Cups, the boat will not go to trials and will be yours at World Championships that year.  If you manage to place fourth or better, then not only do you get to represent the USA in that boat class at Worlds but you also get some funding from USRowing (a feat recently accomplished by our teammate Josh and his boatmate Austin Meyer).

The reason I mention this is many people have inquired when Ben, John, and I are headed off to a World Cup in our respective small boats.  While this still may be in the cards, the four of us heavyweights at Craftsbury decided to spend our time in the quad (M4x) for the past month and change.  We have a gorgeous boat and four skilled scullers, so we put 2 and 2 together and made a 4x.  While a substantial US contingent is overseas right now having just competed in the second World Cup in Aiguebellete, France, we are down in Princeton, NJ, preparing to race the quad in trials tomorrow.

Here’s a video recap of our rowing:

Mammoth Biathlon

13.Apr.2014 by Mike Gibson

The 7th annual Mammoth Winter Biathlon was great- if you like skiing, guns, and sunshine.


The Mammoth Winter Biathlon is the biggest biathlon race in North America (by volume, not necessarily competitiveness), and it is easily the most fun.  I was flown out by the man who puts this race on to help with shooting clinics, act as a range safety officer, and then compete in an exhibition race, hilariously entitled the ‘Uber Elite.’ California – in general – has had a sub par snow year, so instead of hosting the races at the Nordic venue, the race organizers built a range on top of the mountain. It is a little hard to see in this photo shamelessly taken from a Google search, but the range was at Outpost 14 (the white box on the right side of the image).

The dedication and manpower available from the volunteers and organizers was staggering.  Hosting a biathlon race requires a lot of equipment – targets, ropes, shooting mats, timing equipment, sound systems, etc.  Not only did the organizers acquire all of this, they moved it up a mountain – 9500 ft high- and also surveyed and excavated a 20 point shooting range.  I was truly blown away with the passion and excitement for my sport.

Photo Mar 22, 12 11 40 PM


Having the races on top of the mountain made for a breathtaking venue, but racing at 9500 ft is challenging.

Photo Mar 22, 1 29 47 PM

Most days I decided to ski up the downhill trails to the venue, but on race day I hitched a ride on the Sherpa.

My race was not my most glorious.  I don’t have much experience racing at that kind of altitude.  Not only is it taxing aerobically, but the lack of oxygen – exacerbated by the the strain of racing – actually begins to impair your vision.  It was a fantastic way to learn how to handle the extremes.

Photo Mar 24, 4 11 05 PM

I have an old friend now living in Mammoth Lakes, so I extended my stay by a few days to see him.  His dad was visiting that weekend, and I was so happy to have both of them cheering for me in my race.

Photo Mar 24, 4 34 54 PM

The three of us went for a relaxing hike/walk up around Convict Lake.  In classic western style, the derivation of the name ‘Convict Lake’  comes from a bloody shootout in 1871 between convicts, escaped from a Carson City jail, and the Sheriff tracking them down.  I’m not kidding.  Apparently there is a movie loosely based on the story.

I spent the next few days running and soaking up some Vitamin D before eventually venturing up to the local XC center.

Photo Mar 27, 2 20 43 PM


The trail system isn’t immense, but it was immaculately maintained.  All the trails meander around beautiful lakes, high in the mountain pass.

Photo Mar 27, 1 48 37 PM


On this ski, I realized Mammoth is a little mind-numbingly gorgeous.  Monotonously stunning.

Thank you, Mammoth Biathlon, for hosting a tremendous event.  I hope you invite me again in the future.



2013-14 GRP Skiing Results Record

26.Mar.2014 by Gordon Vermeer

Want to keep track of how the GRP Ski Team is doing this season? Check back on this blog! I’ll be updating this same post frequently throughout the season, and re-posting it to the top of the blog roll every once in a while. With comments or questions or complaints, shoot me an email at Most recent week on top. –Gordo





Anchorage, Alaska (SuperTour Finals/Distance Nationals)

Tuesday 4x5K Mixed-Gender Mixed-Technique Relay: Team 1 (Patrick, Ida, Gordon, Caitlin) 7th, Team 2 (Alex, Liz, Andrew, Clare) 11th

Friday CL Ladies’ 30K, Men’s 50K: Ida 5th, Caitlin 10th, Liz 15th, Clare 26th; Gordon 21st, Andrew 37th, Alex 38th, Pat 44th





Oslo, Norway (IBU World Cup 9)

Thursday 7.5K Sprint: Susan 3rd (0+0), Hannah 75th (2+3)

Saturday 10K Pursuit: Susan 6th (1+0+0+1)

Sunday 12.5K Mass Start: Susan 18th (2+1+3+0)


Anchorage, Alaska (SuperTour Finals/Distance Nationals)

Saturday FR Individual Start Ladies’ 10K, Men’s 15K: Caitlin 10th, Ida 14th, Clare 19th, Liz 25th; Andrew 15th, Gordon 30th, Pat 35th

Sunday CL Sprint: Ida 3rd, Liz 11th, Caitlin 12th, Clare 20th; Patrick 4th, Gordon 18th, Alex 26th, Andrew 35th





Falun, Sweden (World Cup Finals)

Friday CL Sprint: Ida 20th

Saturday 15K Skiathlon: Ida 38th

Sunday 10K FR Pursuit:  Ida 40th


Kontiolahti, Finland (IBU World Cup 8)

Thursday 7.5K Sprint: Hannah 28th (0+1), Susan 29th (1+3)

Saturday 7.5K Sprint: Susan 8th (0+1), Hannah 41st (0+2)

Sunday 10K Pursuit: Susan 7th (2+2+1+2), Hannah 49th (1+2+2+3)


Craftsbury, VT (GRP Spring Tour)

Friday CL 3.75K Prologue Men, Ladies: Gordon 4th, Andrew 14th, Pete 17th, Alex S 18th, Jake 21st; Caitlin 1st

Saturday CL Sprint Men, Ladies: Alex S 4th, Gordon 6th, Pete 9th, Andrew 14th, Jake 32nd; Caitlin 1st

Sunday FR Handicap Start Men’s 15K, Ladies’ 10K: Gordon 9th, Andrew 11th, Jake 12th, Pete 22nd, Alex S 38th; Caitlin 1st


Jericho, VT (US Biathlon National Championships)

Friday Individual: Ethan 1st (0+0+1+2), Mike 4th (2+3+2+4); Clare 2nd (2+3+0+4)

Saturday Sprint: Clare 2nd (0+2); Mike 4th (1+5), Ethan 5th (1+2)

Sunday Mass Start: Ethan 5th (2+2+3+1), Mike 6th (2+2+3+2); Clare 2nd (4+4+3+1)


Valdidentro, Italy (OPA Cup Finals)

Friday FR 2.5K Ladies, 3.3K Men: Liz 31st; Pat 57th

Saturday CL 10K Ladies, 15K Men: Liz 38th; Pat 60th

Sunday FR Pursuit 10K Ladies, 15K Men: Liz 29th; Pat 22nd






Bretton Woods, NH (Bretton Woods Marathon)

Saturday CL 42K Mass Start: Pete 5th


Drammen, Norway (World Cup)

Wednesday CL Sprint: Ida 35th


Oslo, Norway (World Cup)

Sunday 30K CL Mass Start: Ida 42nd


Pokljuka, Slovenia (IBU World Cup 7)

Thursday 7.5K Sprint: Susan 38th (0+4), Hannah 84th (5+3)

Saturday 10K Pursuit: Susan 20th (1+0+2+2)


Rogla, Slovenia (OPA Cup)

Saturday CL Sprint: Liz 28th, Pat 37th

Sunday FR Mass Start 15K Ladies, 30K Men: Liz 27th, Pat 31st





Lahti, Finland (World Cup)

Saturday FR Sprint: Ida 44th





Sochi, Russia (Olympic Winter Games – Biathlon)

Wednesday Mixed Relay: USA 8th (including Susan and Hannah)

Friday Ladies’ 4x6K Relay: USA Ladies 7th (including Susan and Hannah)


Hayward, WI (American Birkebeiner)

Thursday FR City Sprints Men, Ladies: Alex S 3rd, Pat, Gordon; Liz

Saturday 50K FR Men, Ladies:  Gordon 19th, Pat 25th, Andrew 31st; Caitlin 8th, Clare 9th, Liz 41st





Sochi, Russia (Olympic Winter Games – Nordic)

Tuesday FR Sprint: Ida 19th

Thursday CL 10K Individual: Ida 34th


Sochi, Russia (Olympic Winter Games – Biathlon)

Tuesday 10K Pursuit: Susan 18th (0+1+0+3)

Friday 15K Individual: Hannah 23rd (1+0+0+1), Susan 34th (1+1+2+1)


St. Paul, MN (US SuperTour)

Saturday CL Mass Start 10K Ladies, 15K Men: Caitlin 5th; Patrick 8th, Gordon 9th, Alex H 20th, Alex S 31st

Sunday FR Individual 5K Ladies, 10K Men: Caitlin 5th; Gordon 12th, Patrick 13th, Andrew 21st, Alex H 32nd, Alex S 33rd


Waterville Valley, NH (NENSA Eastern Cup)

Saturday FR 10K Mass Start: Pete 2nd


Holderness, NH (NENSA Eastern Cup)

Sunday CL 15K Individual: Pete 3rd


Czech Republic (Biathlon Czech Cup)







Sochi, Russia (Olympic Winter Games – Biathlon)

Sunday 7.5K Sprint: Susan 14th (0+1)


Meraaker, Norway (Scando Cup)

Saturday CL Sprint: Liz 45th


Craftsbury, VT (US SuperTour/Dartmouth Carnival)

Friday FR Individual 5K Ladies, 10K Men: Caitlin 2nd; Gordon 11th, Patrick 16th, Andrew 19th, Pete 33rd, Jake 38th

Saturday CL Individual 15K Ladies, 20K Men: Caitlin 5th, Patrick 4th, Gordon 14th, Andrew 19th, Pete 71st, Jake 73rd

Sunday FR Sprint Men, Ladies: Patrick 4th, Alex S 10th, Alex H 16th, Gordon 27th, Jake 34th, Andrew 37th, Pete 44th; Caitlin 3rd





Val di Fiemme, Italy (U23 World Championships)

Wednesday FR Sprint: Liz 39th

Saturday Skiathlon: Liz 41st


Craftsbury, VT (Craftsbury Marathon)

Saturday 50K CL: Gordon 1st


Stowe, VT (Eastern Cup/UVM Carnival)

Saturday CL Sprint Men, Women: Patrick 1st, Alex S 3rd, Alex H 12th, Pete 29th, Andrew 32nd; Caitlin 1st, Clare 4th

Sunday FR Individual 10K Men, 5K Ladies: Patrick 3rd, Alex H 12th, Andrew 13th, Pete 17th, Alex S 66th; Caitlin 1st, Clare 3rd





Jackson, NH (EISA Carnival)

Friday CL 5K Ladies, 10K Men: Caitlin 2nd; Pat 10th, Gordon 17th, Andrew 24th, Pete 42nd

Saturday FR Mass Start 15K Ladies, 20K Men: Caitlin 1st; Patrick 1st, Andrew 11th, Pete 49th


Jericho, VT (North American Biathlon Championships)

Friday 7.5K Sprint: Mike 2nd, Ethan 3rd; Clare 1st

Saturday Pursuit: Clare 1st; Ethan 1st, Mike 3rd

Sunday Mass Start: Ethan 1st, Mike 2nd; Clare 4th





Rumford, ME (Eastern Cup)

Saturday FR Mass Start 15K Men, 10K Ladies: Pat 4th, Gordon 5th, Jake 12th, Alex H 20th, Alex S 45th; Caitlin 1st, Liz 3rd

Sunday 10K CL Men: Pat 1st, Gordon 2nd, Jake 3rd, Alex S 6th, Alex H 12th


Valcartier, Quebec (NORAM)

Saturday Sprint 7.5K Ladies, 10K Men: Clare 1st; Mike 2nd, Ethan 3rd

Sunday Pursuit 12.5K Men, 10K Ladies: Clare 1st; Mike 1st, Ethan 2nd


Antholz-Anterselva, Italy (IBU World Cup 6)

Friday 7.5K Sprint: Susan 4th (0+0), Hannah DNF (broken rifle)

Saturday 10K Pursuit: Susan 24th (0+1+3+1)

Sunday Relay: USA Ladies 18th





Park City, UT (US National Championships)

Wednesday FR Mass Start Men 30K, Ladies 20K: Pat 36th, Andrew 62nd, Gordon 64th, Jake 68th, Pete DNF; Caitlin 5th, Liz 17th

Friday CL Sprint: Alex 8th, Andrew 23rd, Gordon 28th, Pat 42nd, Pete 52nd, Jake 59th; Caitlin 7th, Liz 10th


Ridnaun-Val Ridanna, Italy (IBU Cup 4)

Monday 7.5K Sprint: Hannah 13th (2+0)

Saturday 15K Individual: Hannah 10th (2+0+0+0)

Sunday 7.5K Sprint: Hannah 36th (1+3)


Nove Mesto na Morave, Czech Republic (FIS World Cup)

Saturday FR Sprint: Ida 50th

Sunday CL Team Sprint: Ida (+Sophie Caldwell) 6th


Ruhpolding, Germany (IBU World Cup 5)

Friday 15K Individual: Susan 41st (0+1+0+2)

Sunday 10K Pursuit: Susan 33rd (0+1+2+1)





Park City, UT (US National Championships)

Saturday CL Individual 10K Ladies, 15K Men: Caitlin 3rd, Liz 24th; Gordon 52nd, Andrew 58th, Pat 70th, Pete 86th, Jake 88th, Alex 100th

Sunday FR Sprint Men, Ladies: Pat 20th, Gordon 41st, Alex 45th, Jake 64th, Andrew 75th, Pete 101st; Caitlin 6th, Liz 9th


Oberhof, Germany (IBU World Cup 4)

Friday 7.5K Sprint: Susan 32nd (2+2)

Saturday 10K Pursuit: Susan 25th (0+0+3+1)

Women 12.5K Mass Start: (did not qualify)


Ridnaun-Val Ridanna, Italy (IBU Cup 4)

Sunday 7.5K Sprint: Hannah 15th (1+0)








Craftsbury, VT (Eastern Cup)

Saturday FR Sprint Ladies, Men: Clare 1st; Pat 3rd, Alex S 4th, Alex H 5th, Jake 9th, Ethan 12th, Gordon 14th, Mike 20th, Pete 28th

Sunday CL Mass Start: (cancelled)


Asiago, Italy (World Cup)

Saturday CL Sprint: Ida 10th

Sunday CL Team Sprint: Ida (+Sophie Caldwell) 8th


Grand Rapids, MN (Biathlon IBU Trials, cont’d)

Monday Sprint 10K Men, 7.5K Ladies: Mike 7th (2+1); Clare 3rd (2+3)

Tuesday Mass Start 12.5K Ladies: Clare 2nd (0+2+4+3)

Wednesday Sprint 7.5K Ladies, 10K Men: Clare 1st (1+2); Mike 5th (1+0), Ethan 10th (3+3)





Annecy-Le Grand Bornand, France (IBU World Cup 3)

Friday 4x6K Relay: USA 8th

Saturday 7.5K Sprint: Susan 60th (1+3), Hannah 77th (1+3)

Sunday 10K Pursuit: Susan 53rd, (Hannah did not qualify)


Davos, Switzerland (World Cup)

Saturday FR 15K: (Ida did not race)

Sunday FR Sprint: Ida 41st


Grand Rapids, MN (Biathlon IBU Trials)

Saturday Sprint Men 10K, Ladies 7.5K: Ethan 5th (2+0), Mike 9th (1+4); Clare 3rd (2+4)


Rossland, BC (NorAm)

Saturday FR Sprint Men, Ladies: Andrew 31st; Caitlin 4th, Liz 18th

Sunday CL 10K Ladies, 15K Men: Caitlin 7th, Liz 21st; Andrew 29th





Bozeman, Montana (US SuperTour)

Saturday CL Sprint: cancelled

Sunday CL Mass Start 15K Men, 10K Women: Gordon 10th, Andrew 12th, Pat 19th, Alex 23rd, Jake 24th, Pete 32nd; Caitlin 2nd, Liz 7th


Lillehammer, Norway (World Cup)

Saturday CL 10K: Ida 39th

Sunday 4x5K Relay: USA II 12th (including Ida)


Hochfilzen, Austria (IBU World Cup 2)

Friday 7.5K Sprint: Susan 66th (2+2), Hannah 71st (3+1)

Saturday 4x6K Relay: USA 8th (including Hannah and Susan)

Sunday 10K Pursuit: (no starters)





West Yellowstone, Montana (US SuperTour)

Friday FR Sprint: Alex 7th, Patrick 12th, Gordon 21st, Jake 32nd, Pete 42nd, Andrew 47th; Caitlin 5th, Liz 13th

Saturday FR Individual 10K Women, 15K Men: Caitlin 2nd, Liz 12th; Andrew 14th,  Pete 33rd, Gordon 34th, Patrick 40th, Jake 44th, Alex 70th


Kuusamo, Finland (World Cup)

Friday CL Sprint: Ida 16th

Saturday CL Individual 5K: Ida 35th

Sunday FR Pursuit 10K: Ida 51st


Oestersund, Sweden (IBU World Cup 1)

Thursday 15K Individual: Susan 58th (3+2+1+1), Hannah 80th (1+2+3+2)

Friday 7.5K Sprint: Susan 16th (0+1), Hannah 93rd (4+1)

Sunday 10K Pursuit: (cancelled due to weather)





Beitostolen, Norway (pre-World Cup FIS races)

Friday CL Individual 10K: Ida 29th (one of six Americans in top 30)

Sunday FR Sprint: Ida 13th


Idre, Sweden (IBU Cup 1)

Saturday 7.5K Sprint: Hannah 26th (1+1 penalties)

Sunday 7.5K Sprint: Hannah 28th (2+3)


Oestersund, Sweden (IBU World Cup 1)

Sunday Mixed Relay: USA 12th (including Susan)