EFTA Mountain Bike Race at Craftsbury

August 6, 2016

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We're stoked to host an EFTA Vermont stop for the third straight year. As has become habit, we have more trails for you to race on than the last time you were here. We've added another couple k, bringing us up to around a 6 mile lap featuring the full spectrum of New England riding from machine built flow to hand-hewn, rooty gnar.

C'mon up, race bikes, then go ride long at Kingdom Trails on Sunday, keep heading north and cheer on Lea et al at Mt. St. Anne, or just check out our neighbors at the General Store, C Village Store, Pete's Greens or Hill Farmstead Brewery.

Start Times:
Sport - 10:00am - 2 Laps
Novice - 10:05am - 1 lap
Kids' Race - 11:30am - 3 pump track laps U6, 2 laps U12 on separate kids course
AM podiums - 12:00pm
Elite - 1:00pm - 3 laps
Expert - 1:05pm - 3 laps
Open SS - 1:05pm - 2 laps
PM podiums - 3:30pm

U12 Kids' Races - FREE - DOR only (no additional charge)
U18 - $10/head + $4/head EFTA one-day if you're not an annual license holder
19+ - $25/head + $4/head EFTA one-day if you do not have an annual EFTA license (just do it already).

Are you leading the EFTA series in one of the categories? Then your entry is free - watch your email for a coupon code.

PRE-REGISTER! DOR will cost you an additional $10, because paperwork is annoying. What's more, we'll grant you a refund for ANY reason short of "I'm just messing with you." Just reg.

Everyone - hold on to your bib, we're working on that being the key for local discounts on your way out of town!

Elites: $150/$100/$75
Everyone else: Merch for top 3
U12 Kids: all finishers get loot
Top NENSA member in Elite/Expert M/W - Entry to Craftsbury Marathon
Top NENSA member in Sport M/W - Entry to Craftsbury Opener

Course Info:
Course start will stay on ski trail longer than the subsequent laps, in an effort to let everyone sort themselves out a bit before you get on the singletrack, and there's a lot of singletrack. First third is downhill and flow-y, middle third climbs on ski trails, some tech climbing too (rock garden climb). Closing third is hand-hewn roots/rocks - and a big ski trail climb.

Regular (non-start) lap shows up on the GPS as 5.6 miles with 700 something feet of climbing per lap. Kind of spookily similar to the stats of another recent VT race, but the climb is broken up a bit more.

EFTA16 CourseMap ThB

Download Map (PDF)
Google Map version (with kilometer markers)
Elevation Profile

Kids Courses
U9/U12 course - You get to do the flow part!
U6 - The wee ones will rock the Wiggle.

Expected racing duration:
Elite M - 1:30
Elite W - 1:45
Expert M - 1:40
Expert W - 2:00
Sport M - 1:20
Sport W - 1:35
Novice M - 0:50
Novice W - 1:00
Credit: Gnar Co

More course info:
Dirtwire coverage

Kids Race Info:
Activities for kids are a big part of what we do at Craftsbury; and we're psyched to highlight opportunities for kids to get involved this coming weekend's Mountain Bike Race.

Kids Categories at the Shimano EFTA NECS #5 - 

U6 Kids: a race on the Wiggle! About 600m of wide, machine made trail off the corner of our upper field.
U9/U12 Kids: ~2.5k of our machine built flow trail, Woodward's wheelie into Peanut.
12-18 Kids: EFTA categories. We're hoping to recognize U15 riders in the 12-18 age groups too. 

The U6 and U9/12 races will start around 11:30. They are FREE, prizes for all!

How do I get to Craftsbury?
While Internet or GPS based mapping systems do a great job to direct one to the Craftsbury area, phones don't work here, and GPS has a nasty habit of putting you on jeep trail. We recommend using our detailed directions for navigation within 5 miles of Craftsbury (from Hardwick North or Irasburg South).

Can I stay at Craftsbury?
You bet. Rates for trailside lodging, including new cabins. And, yeah, prices include all your meals (all-you-can-eat: the favorite words of any cyclist).

Info coming

Additional questions?