Course details

August 20, 2016

The Course: Two courses (follow links to maps that allow for GPX export):

8-sector (72k, ~43miles, 1400m of vert)
11-sector (90k, ~55miles, 1881m of vert)

and a bailout:
the Ripcord (62k, ~38miles, 1211m of vert)

Sector Descriptions (start points are measured from the 8 sector ride, except as noted):

Daniels' Farm Sector:
Start - 9k
Length - 3k
Some patches of ledge, bit of a washout toward the end of the sector, mostly wooded, ends thru a pasture. Watch out for fences, and leave them as you find them.

Centebar Sector:
Start - 13k
Length - 2k
Climb featuring ledge, loose over hard, and steep bits.

Donut Loop (11 sector ride):
Start - 27k
Length - 7.5k
The loop is the first diversion for the 11-sector group. Fast, twisty downhill with some longitudinal cracks. Downhill T's into Rt 16. Brief diversion to Red Sky Trading for donuts.

Still Hill Sector is the top of a steep pitch out of town. Some ditches, some ledge, some loose over hard, for about 1.5k.

Borland DH Sector is the pitch down to the back of Lake Parker, by the cemetary. This sector demands your attention, as efforts at ameloriating the road condition for vehicles have worsened conditions for cyclists. It's a steep downhill pitch, narrow, and now features golf ball plus size gravel in spots. 11-sector riders must exercise all due caution in descending here - road conditions do not allow ready access for our sweep vehicle. 800m of awareness is required here.

Young Rd Sector:
Start - 31k
Length - 1.2k
Climb and descend thru a sugar woods. Road was heavily graveled about a year ago. Much better than what it was, but still requires attention, particularly downhill.

Perron Hill Sector:
Start - 33k
Length - 1.5k
See description of Young Rd Sector. Same thing, but more descent. Cross a small brook via footbridge. Worse (IMO) section of gravel is after the bridge - power thru.

Rogers Rd Sector:
Start - 39k
Length - 1.3k or so
Regraveled, but done with a lot more fines/stay-mat kind of material. Makes you feel epic. Imagine charging across some forsaken plain toward Roubaix - without cobbles.

Whetstone Sector:
Start - 47k
Length - 1.7k
Lots of ledge, lots of exposed rock, some loose sand as you descend to the Circus barn. Keep your weight back, eyes open, and stay light on your bike. Lots of opportunities for flats - but a really fun sector.

Edsall/Cook Sector:
Start - 53k
Length - 1k
Looks like a gravel driveway. Couple of ledges. Pretty smooth drop back to Town Highway 5 - but keep your eyes open as always.

Sparkhawk Sector (11 sector ride):
Start - 74k
Length - 2ish k
Mostly dirt, bit of a climb, ledges. Descent from Sparhawk has some stream bed like sections. Good fun.

Mapping Options (geeky content):

There are a number of great offline routing options. Here's two we're familiar with.

Ride with GPS - Want to load up a phone with maps for the ride? Ride organizers are highly enamored of Ride with GPS, available for both Android and iOS over here. Offline routing is a premium option, but you can sign up for a one-day premium membership for $3 or so - for some folks, turn-by-turn offline navigation is worth that. 

Locus Maps - General android mapping platform, with free offline maps powered by OpenAndro Maps. Get the app, grab a basemap, and then import your ride GPX:

8-sector (72k, ~43miles, 1400m of vert)
11-sector (90k, ~55miles, 1881m of vert)
the Ripcord (62k, ~38miles, 1211m of vert)

Voila! You've got a map that will work even in the hinterlands of the NEK.


Additional questions?

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