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August 20, 2016


Kingdom Farm and Food Days celebrates the local farmers, producers, and creators of the Northeast Kingdom. From fiber arts to cheese to distilleries to veggies, meat and more, the NEK has someone who makes it and wants to share it with you August 19-21! 

We're offering another way to see the Kingdom, from the seat of a bicycle! Saturday, August 20th, 2:00pm:  c'mon up, visit farms in the morning, ride bikes in the afternoon, then check out more events around the area - a great weekend, no matter how you slice it.

The Event: Grab your cross/dirt-road/Mountain bike and our cue sheet for an afternoon of fun. You'll get a time, but the event is really not competitive. Think more like fun group ride or Strava-ing your evening ride than a race. Post-ride re-fuel, with some of the best beer on the planet as we shuttle you back to your vehicle.

The Course: We've added more grit and gravel to the 2016 Kingdom Farm & Food ride, and to try and simplify what is a very adaptable route into 2 main variants, with a bailout. 

All three options feature sectors of Class IV roads - public roads that are minimally maintained by the towns that hold them, and traverse chunks of woods, field and forest. All head north from Craftsbury, up past Parker Pie, past Greensboro via South Albany, to the finish on Barr Hill where you can get your gear from the shuttle, enjoy your Hill Farmstead growler and General Store re-fuel, and put some fresh clothes on. Two courses (follow links to maps that allow for GPX export):

8-sector (72k, ~43miles, 1400m of vert)
11-sector (90k, ~55miles, 1881m of vert)

and a bailout:
the Ripcord (62k, ~38miles, 1211m of vert)

The 11-sector route contains all of the 8 sectors in the other route, plus three bonus sectors, and mileage before and after the sectors themselves. The Ripcord has a sector or two less than the 8, and cuts from Willey's in Greensboro to Barr Hill and the shuttle.

We'll have maps and cuesheets for all options available at registration, starting at 12:30pm, Saturday. Read more details about the course and mapping.

Cutoff time: You're welcome to attempt either the 8 or 11 sector course. HOWEVER, given the realities of our late start time and daylight, we will be mandating a cutoff at Willey's Store in Greensboro @5:15pm. If you're hoping to complete the 11 sector course in its entirety, you must be past Willey's at 5:15pm - you'll have 23k more of the 11-sector ride to go from that point.

Similarly, if you're hoping to complete the 8-sector course, you must be past Willey's at 5:15pm, as you'll have about 13k more to the end of the 8 sector ride.

What if I don't make the cutoff? If you're an 11 rider and you didn't make Willey's by that time, you'd be able to drop to the 8 sector option at that time. Likewise, if you're an 8- (or 11-sector rider who wants to be done NOW) and didn't make Willey's by the cutoff, you'll want to complete "the Ripcord" which cuts right to the end on Barr Hill where the picnic, shuttle and beer await you - only 8k or so.

Given the late ride start, we are going to close the course to get everyone home before dinner. Some future event may be more of an epic, but this go round, we're going to shoot to get everyone to Barr Hill by 6:30. 

Aid Stations: BYO. We'll have a feed at the end, but up to that point, we will pass by a couple of country stores. Absorb the culture while you refuel. 

Ride Start: 2:00pm, from the Center. Late? Yeah, but we wanted to give you opportunity to enjoy all the other stuff around Kingdom Farm and Food w/your family/significant other or other non-bike folks in your life. (Pay it forward to get more bike play time).


Under 21 - $15
Over 21 - $25

Prices above include Craftsbury General store après-fuel, a 750 Hill Farmstead growler (if you're old enough), and shuttle back to your car. There's a broom wagon too, but honestly, you're better off thinking of this as a self-supported ride. PRE-REGISTER! DOR will cost you an additional $10, because paperwork is annoying - and we cannot guarantee beer for DOR. What's more, we'll grant you a refund for ANY reason short of "I'm just messing with you." Just reg.

Everyone - hold on to your bib, we're working on that being the key for local discounts on your way out of town!

How do I get to Craftsbury?
While Internet or GPS based mapping systems do a great job to direct one to the Craftsbury area, phones don't work here, and GPS has a nasty habit of putting you on jeep trail. We recommend using our detailed directions for navigation within 5 miles of Craftsbury (from Hardwick North or Irasburg South).

Can I stay at Craftsbury?
You bet. Rates for trailside lodging, including new cabins. And, yeah, prices include all your meals (all-you-can-eat: the favorite words of any cyclist).

What bike should I ride? A lot of bikes can accomplish this ride, but for almost everyone organizers recommend a cross bike that can accommodate 30ish mm tires, has a low gear in the 34x32 or so range, and vee or disc brakes. Anything less will quickly devolve to flat-laden survival. 

If I flat, you'll come get me, right? 
Eventually. Especially if you're at the front of things, you'd be better off to pack a couple of tubes, a pump, and some basic tools. We're independent Yankees around here.


Additional questions?

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