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2012 Sculling Internships

Last Updated: 03.Oct.2011

We've recently posted our 2012 Internship application here. For those who aren't familiar, the Craftsbury Sculling Center Student Internship Program is an educational opportunity for highly motivated high school and college students with an interest in working in an ideal setting, serving the sculling community, and increasing their own knowledge of the sport.

The intern receives housing, meals, and the opportunity to participate in selected portions of Craftsbury's Sculling Program. In return, the intern is responsible for 30 hours of work  per week, which includes working on the dock during program sessions, assisting the fleet manager, general boathouse maintenance, and in keeping the waterfront area clean.

Interested? You can read more here and grab the application which has a lot of detail as well. Application deadline is February 1st, 2012. Best of luck to all our applicants.

Internship information