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Craftsbury Members Paula Davidson and Matt Moody and their family explore the dirt last summer.


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Cracking programming this July 4th!

Last Updated: 27.Jun.2012

Come celebrate your Independence this July 6-8 with the Outdoor Center and two great programs!

Independence Weekend
This program combines presentations, lots of hands on instruction, tours, great meals and lodging while guests explore a wide spectrum of Independence.

    -Explore food independence with area farm tours, presentations on composting and agriculture plus hands-on learning opportunities in cheese-making, bread and pizza baking in our wood-fired oven. Even more directly, your learning will be fueled all weekend by meals featuring many locally sourced ingredients!
    -Investigate energy independence by visiting a variety of renewable energy projects in Craftsbury, including solar, wind and biomass. Learn how several area homeowners have reduced their reliance on fossil fuels using green building techniques and energy alternatives.
    -Draw on local know how in our instructional sessions in rustic construction and composting, plus learn how we built our stone/brick/clay wood-fired oven.

Want to find out more? Read the Independence Weekend webpage.
Dirt Road Biking Weekend   
It's been said: "The best of Vermont is not touched by pavement." There's no better place to test this claim than Craftsbury, with its campus nestled in the middle of a 200 mile maze of lightly traveled dirt roads. Come on up to Craftsbury this July 6-8 and have an exciting weekend of exploring the backroads of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom by bicycle.

Cyclists have a variety of ride options over the weekend, from short hops to longer routes of up to 6 hours. All of the weekend's rides travel through peaceful hamlets, hill farms, lakes, and forests. Cyclists needn't fret over route finding: our knowledgeable guides have broad experience with the area and will do their utmost to help your trip go smoothly. Find full details on this webpage.

...or Create your Own Adventure!
Given the two simultaneous events, participants in either weekend program are welcome to substitute any of the activities or tours from one schedule as suits their interests. Check out the detailed schedule of activities and learning experiences here.

Pricing and Reservations
So how do you join in all the fun? Full participation in either weekend's activities, tours, rides, demonstrations - everything - is FREE to house guests. Lodging and meals start at $95/person/day double occupancy. Contact the front office for availability today.

Are you a member and just want to stop by for a tour or two? Great! Annual membership entitles you to participate in any of the programming excepting meals (those will require purchase via the front office). Annual membership starts at $25/year (for students and seniors - other groups vary) and you can read more about it here. Day memberships are $10/day.

We're really excited about this weekend of adventures of all kinds and hope that you and your family will join us to expand your holiday traditions this summer!

Independence Weekend and Dirt Road Biking information
Weekend Schedule
Contact the Front Office to reserve
Annual Membership Information