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Sunrise, Sunday Nov. 23rd


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COC reorganizes as Non-Profit

Last Updated: 23.Nov.2008

The Craftsbury Outdoor Center is excited to announce that we have recently been purchased by Dick Dreissigacker and Judy Geer who have restructured the organization as a non-profit entity.

“During our discussions about the vision for the Center, it became apparent that there was quite a bit of common ground between the Spring family’s mission for Craftsbury and what the Foundation envisions,” Craftsbury Manager, Russ Spring Jr. explains. “The foundation’s goal is to build upon the work started by our founders, Russell and Janet Spring, so many years ago, keeping current staff and programming in place while improving and expanding the reach of the Center’s programs.”

Spring’s comments are reflected in the revitalized mission statement of the Craftsbury Outdoor Center:

1) The promotion of lifelong sports for all ages and ability levels. Being organized as a non-profit allows us to explore ways to draw more people into healthy, active lifestyles as well as supporting those athletes striving to reach the top of their disciplines.

2) Using and teaching sustainable practices throughout the organization. We’re already a Green Hotel, but there’s always room for improvement, whether it’s new grooming practices, local food sourcing, or composting. We aim to become a demonstration project for better ways of doing business.

3) Protecting and managing the surrounding lake, land and trails. Already the non-profit has purchased the key Elinor’s Hill property, ensuring continued access to several trail intersections and the wide sweeping view across the Black River Valley. This represents an initial step toward the goal of protecting the recreational resources in and around the Center through purchases, thoughtful forestry and land management practices.

The current staff of the Center is working with the management of the non-profit to detail all the changes. In general, the initial emphasis is the expansion of opportunities for more people to get involved in skiing, rowing and other lifelong sports and activities in beautiful surroundings.

One immediate change for Winter 08-09 is the move of the Craftsbury Nordic Ski Club (CNSC) under the umbrella of the Center’s programming. The Center has served as a training base for CNSC in the past, but has not formally sponsored the club.

“We hope that a broader section of the local community can take advantage of this resource,” Spring said. “Hopefully this winter will also see the expansion of our already successful school ski programs, as well as adding days of free skiing throughout the winter for more local communities as well.”

While much work lies ahead, it’s hard not to feel optimistic about the Center’s future.

“The foundation has expressed its commitment to preserving the character of the Center and surrounding area.” Spring continued: “For our part, we’re very excited about the new management’s energy and expertise. We are all looking forward to a bright future for the new Craftsbury Outdoor Center.”

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