Hosmer Ponds Wildlife Map

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Welcome to the Hosmer Ponds Community Wildlife Map!

This interactive map was inspired by the Staying Connected Initiative, a multi-agency project which studies and preserves important wildlife corridors from New York to Maine and Massachussetts to Quebec. The area around the Hosmers is an important piece in this large habitat block, which explains why our community is home to so many different kinds of wildlife.

The map documents wildlife sightings in an attempt to educate ourselves about the diverse natural resources we have in Craftsbury and Albany, and to show why this area is special. The Outdoor Center has also been working with the Vermont Land Trust to encourage land conservation around the Hosmers, and seeing the diverse wildlife species pegged on this map provides yet another reason to want to protect the land in our area so that future generations can see the same moose, bears, and other wildlife that we can.

Click on any of the markers to see the story behind the sighting.

To edit the map, please click "View Hosmer Ponds Wildlife Map in a larger map" below the map, which will take you to a separate page. If you are logged in to a Google account, you will be able to follow the instructions on that page to add your own wildlife sightings and stories to the map!

View Hosmer Ponds Wildlife Map in a larger map