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Fitness Offerings

Open Gym


Open Gym access is included for guests staying at Craftsbury and is only $50 for annual members. Read more and check out available times above.


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Looking for an energetic and fun workout group? Come to community fitness! It's a well-rounded class developed to improve balance, strength, and coordination through circuit style training. The workouts can accommodate people of all levels. Classes take place in the new Fitness Center and can be paid for with the new COC Punch Card available in the office. Full details - review event calendar above for current class schedule.


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Join our thrice weekly Crossfit sessions taught by Nick Petterssen and Cady Hart of The Confluence in Montpelier. This program is available to Craftsbury Members for $5 each session. Craftsbury houseguests are also welcome to attend these classes at no cost.


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When in Rome, you eat Gelato and visit the Colosseum. When in the vicinity of Morrisville, VT, home of Concept2, you hop on a Concept2 Ergometer! Join us for an invigorating class on either the rowing machines or ski ergs led by one of our world class GRP athletes. Each class will incorporate some instruction as well as a group workout. The class can accommodate people of all abilities and can be paid for with the new COC Punch Card available in the office. See event calendar above for current class schedule.


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Craftsbury massage therapist Kimberly Howell welcomes members, guests and the local community to Feldenkrais class. The Feldenkrais Method® is a movement practice developed by Israeli scientist and martial artist Moshe Feldenkrais, and offers practitioners both an approach to improved health and bodily function as well as an excellent complement to yoga, physical or occupational therapy. Read more


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Join Eleanor Kinsey for QiGong. QiGong is the a movement practice of aligning breath, movement and awareness for exercise, healing and meditation, loosely related to tai chi or yogic practices. Classes can be paid for with the new COC Punch Card available in the office - check the calendar above for the current class schedule.

Simple Strength

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A 45 minute easy strength training and toning class for all levels. Simple and straightforward, this class includes: a warm up, slow and controlled weight lifting and body weight movements, core exercises, and a cool down stretch. A great way to start the day and rev up your metabolism. See Calendar above for current schedule.


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Mary Sayre Ashtanga Saturday: 7:30-8:30am. Liz Keglor: Thursdays at 3:30-4:40. Margaret Pitkin: Sundays at 10:30-11:30. More info. Review event calendar above for current class schedule.

Ski Programs


We offer a variety of ski programs for all ages and abilities. Read full details here.

Tuesday Ski Race Series

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Our weekly  Ski Race Series begins in January. You can choose a traditional race option or a self-timed version - both counting toward the overall points series. The traditional option begins with registration at 3:30pm, and races kicking off at 4:00pm. The self-timed category allows those whose schedules don't permit them to participate in our regularly scheduled event an opportunity to join the fun. It's free if you're a Craftsbury member, otherwise your day membership covers your entry.

Hosmer Community Rowing

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Hosmer Community Rowing Club meets several times weekly, afternoons at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center's Boathouse on Big Hosmer Pond. As in previous years, all abilities are welcome to join CommRow - though not necessarily all sessions. Read full details.

Tuesday Night Trail Races

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Our weekly  5k Trail Series races are every Tuesday evening starting at 6pm sharp, with registration opening at 5:30pm on the Upper Soccer Field by the Yoga Tent. Entry is $5 for each race or $30 for the entire series - annual members run free! Trail races are multi-disciplinary, with a running and mountain bike class each week.

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