Kimberly Howell, Massage Therapist

massage howell

Kimberly has been practicing massage full-time since 1994. Like most therapists, her initial training was in Swedish massage techniques. Over the course of 1997-98, she trained extensively in myofascial spreading and Structural Integration, a deep-tissue modality that aims to release tension in the fascia and restore the musculature's natural length and plasticity.

She is currently working toward certification in orthopedic massage. She has worked with clients ranging from children to octogenarians, from expectant mothers to elite athletes. In short, whether you are looking for an opportunity to have a relaxing massage that will put you to sleep or to have the fascia of your subscapularis muscle released from the surrounding tissues, she can probably accommodate you. She works as lightly or as deeply as you care for - just ask. Please visit the Center's office, phone or email to schedule your appointment.

Rates: 1/2 hr.-$40, 1 hr.-$70

Eleanor Schmitt, Massage Therapist

massage schmitt

Eleanor studied at the Utah College of Massage Therapy in Salt Lake City in 2007 and became Nationally Certified in 2008 when she moved to Vermont. She began her career at the Golden Eagle and TopNotch Resorts in Stowe, but her desire to help the local community by providing affordable, therapeutic massage inspired her to open her private practice in Morrisville in 2009. Her practice is known for detailed, thorough bodywork that focuses on a client's specific needs, whether that means facilitating the healing of an injury, supporting an athlete's goals, or promoting deep relaxation. She specializes in Deep Tissue, Injury, Russian Sports, and Structural Integration, and has also been trained in Swedish, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Cranial Sacral, and Reflexology.

In 2011, she completed her Allied Health Certificate and is currently working towards a degree in Medical Assisting. Last year, she became a Certified Supreme Science Qigong Instructor. Her business, Touch of Light Healing Arts, focuses on helping clients reach their goals through therapeutic massage, Qigong, and personal empowerment. She believes that people have the ability to heal themselves and is passionate about supporting them through that process. In the future, she hopes to also become a Food Healing Instructor and Acupuncturist. Please visit the Center's office, phone or email to schedule your appointment.

Rates: 1/2 hr.-$40, 1 hr.-$70