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GRP Composting

We are currently designing a composting system for the Craftsbury Outdoor Center dining hall waste. In the past, the Outdoor Center has had a rudimentary compost pile, but problems with animals caused it to be discontinued. At the current time, food scraps are simply being sent to the landfill, while scraps from kitchen-prep are mostly being fed to employees' geese and cows. We ran a test to collect and weigh compostable dining hall waste for 3 days, and determined that approximately 30 lbs of waste are produced per day. We have met with experts from the Highfields Institute, a local non-profit, to determine the best type of system for the center and to begin planning for its installation. They are helping us design a recipe for transforming these waste products into material we can use to fertilize the gardens and fields at the Outdoor Center, helping 'complete the loop' in our local food system.

GRP member Hannah Dreissigacker designed a rustic, open structure with five bays to house two bins of compost as well as the materials we will need to add to the bins to keep the process going. Construction is currently underway, with the GRP and the Small Boat Training Center working under the tutelage of the Center carpenter, Brian Gluck. We hope to be composting by summertime.