Local Foods Project
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Local Foods Project

Copyright 2009 Amy Wilton

Getting more local food into the Craftsbury Outdoor Center Dining Hall.

The town of Craftsbury is a hub of local food production. The town green hosts a weekly farmer's market, and there are a handful of commercial scale local food producers and countless maple-syrup and family farm stands. In addition, we're a stone's throw from the Hardwick area, which is undergoing a food revolution. The region is home to several well-known food companies including Vermont Soy, Jasper Hill cheeses, Pete's Greens, and many more.

The Center served well over 13,000 meals in 2008, but only a small percentage of that food was sourced locally. Working with Wantee, the kitchen manager, and other staff, our goal is to have up to 50% of all food served in the dining hall coming from within 100 miles of the Center. In addition, for non-local food items, we hope to source organically as much as possible.

This project requires some sacrifices. Local food is more expensive than the average crate of eggs off the Sysco truck. But by sourcing locally, we will cutting down on the 'food miles' required to transport our food from farm to mouth. This means less oil burned and less carbon in the atmosphere. In addition, we will be supporting producers from our own community, and encouraging healthy, sustainable growth for the Northeast Kingdom.