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The Green Racing Project is a team of elite athletes who are pursuing national team and Olympic aspirations, while keeping with an environmentally conscious lifestyle. Based at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center in Craftsbury, Vermont, the Green Racing Project originally started with cross-country skiing but has recently branched into the sport of rowing as well. This is a unique opportunity for highly motivated athletes to make training and racing a priority in a situation where living expenses are minimal-- room and board is provided, as well as coaching and travel support for the team's racing and training trips. In exchange, athletes will contribute time and effort to various projects at the Outdoor Center and work to further it's mission, which is the following:

  1. to support and promote participation and excellence in lifelong sports with a special focus on rowing, running, and nordic skiing;
  2. to use and teach sustainable practices; and
  3. to protect and manage the surrounding land, lake and trails.


Head Coach Dan Roock

Jamie Chapman Emily Dreissigacker Maggie Fellows Sarah Keller Elizabeth Sonshine

Ben Dann John Graves Peter Graves Phil Grisdela Phil Henson Josh Konieczny Hugh McAdam Steve Welpley