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Tues Night 5k Results - Week 8

Another successful jaunt down the road to HP -- our second of three visits. Join us next time for Week 9, back at the COC.  2014 Series ...

Tues Night 5k Results &

Hard to believe that the 2014 Series is already half-way finished! Congratulations to our current series leaders, Zach Russo (Men's Run), Ida ...

SuperTours, Eastern Cups

We're excited to welcome the North American Ski world to Craftsbury this January and February. We're honored to host 7 events in 11 days on our ...

New Electric Launches at COC

Who says it ain’t easy being green? The sculling camp at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center has made a big step towards being more environmentally ...

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Feldenkrais - 24.Jul.14

Yoga - 27.Jul.14

CommRow - 28.Jul.14

CommRow - 29.Jul.14

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