Summer 2014 Ski Dryland Programming

There's an adage in skiing: "Skiers are made in the summer." In addition to our sculling and running camps (both great training options), we offer annual members dryland training during the warm months. We have programs for most everyone. Programs are generally organized by age (e.g. U14/16 = for 12-15 year olds), but final selection/placement will depend on participant's needs. Ready to Register? Skireg

'14 Dryland Programming Overview



Member kids born in 2003 or later can join our BKL dryland program for $75/May to November. This program will follow a plan designed by Pepa and coached by Zach Russo and GRP athletes. Activities will include running, hill bounding, rollerskiing, biathlon, strength training and core strength with a healthy mix of fun and games!

While each week's schedule is set by the coaches, generally the BKL group meets 2 days/week: Wednesdays and Fridays thru the close of the school year, Tuesdays and Fridays during the summer. Sign up.



Member ski kids born in 1999-2002 are welcome in this program, $115/May to November. Training will include rollerskiing, pole-running, running, hill bounding, strength training, biathlon and other activities. The training program will be designed by Pepa and primarily led by Zach Russo, with coaching from Pepa, Nick Brown and GRP members as well.

The schedule varies from week to week, but skiers should plan on meeting 3 days/week: Wednesday/Thursday/Saturday thru the close of the school year, Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday over the summer. Sign up.



This training program is designed for experienced junior racers, born in 1995-1998, $150/May to November. As above, training includes dryland staples like rollerskiing, running (with and without poles), hill bounding - just more of it as skiers begin to focus more on skiing as their primary sport. Training plan will be designed by Pepa and led primarily by Zach Russo, with involvement by Pepa, Nick Brown and GRP members too.

As with all of our programs, the schedule will vary some from week to week, but the U18/20 athletes will have scheduled practices 4 days/week: Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday/Sunday.

Green Racing Project


For ages 18 & up. This training group is formed by personal arrangement only. Interested skiers should contact us via for more details.



Again this summer we plan a series of roughly monthly techniqe clinics from Pepa. Fees: $30 per session, or $100 covers the entire series from May through November. Clinics times and dates TBD. Sign up.


Questions? Contact us via for more details on any program.