Winter 2015-2016 Ski Programming

In addition to comfortable lodging and excellent skiing, we offer annual members great ski training and coaching. For winter 2015-16, opportunities exist for skier members of all ages to train, learn technique, improve, and just have a blast on snow all winter long!

Please note: open enrollment for all youth 2015-2016 winter programs will close on January 16th. After that date, registration is by the coaches' permission only. Coaches may choose not to accept late registrations, or may request that late registrants take one or more lessons from the Touring Center or elsewhere prior to joining the program. Please understand that the goal of this policy is not to be exclusive, but rather to keep the learning environment safe and productive for all participants. To inquire about joining after the cutoff date, contact coach Anna:

'15-'16 Programming Overview and Registration

Have your annual membership for the winter? Membership is a prerequisite for participation in many of our season-long programs. Registration is now open for our youth winter programs! Visit SkiReg to sign up. Registration for adult/masters' programming will open in early November. Wondering what on earth the "Bill Koch League" is? Bill Koch (pronounced "coke") is America's first and only Olympic medalist in cross country skiing, and New England's youth ski league is named for him. Each year there's a BKL festival somewhere in New England (this year at Great Glen, near Gorham, NH) and it's typically the highlight of the season for young racers. 

Catamounts - Introductory Skiing for Kids


For skiers ages 6-11, our ever-popular Catamounts program aims to build enthusiasm for Nordic skiing through ski play and skill development. It meets twice a week, on Wednsdays and Saturdays at 3:30pm, giving you the option to sign up for both days or just one. For the 2015-2016 season, the Catamount program costs $35 for one day per week, while the two day option is $70. The first day of the program is Saturday, December 12th, and practices will run into March. This year, the open enrollment period will end on Saturday, January 9th, after which participants may join with permission from the coaching staff. (The goal is not to cap participation, but rather to have a more cohesive group.) Participants will learn both skating and classical techniques with lots of fun and games! Don't have ski equipment? No problem - equipment use (during practice) is included in the program fee. New this year is a season-long rental program, which will enable kids to hang onto their equipment for the whole season and use it outside of practice times. A two-pair, season-long rental will cost $140 and includes skate skis, classic skis, skate poles, classic poles, and combi boots. Rental orders can be made here; if you have questions, send an email to Please note that the rental program is only for kids participating in Craftsbury programming! Amy Schulz will be leading the Catamounts program again this year, with help from GRP members and additional staff. Register here.

BKL development


Our Bill Koch League (BKL) development program is for kids ages 8-13 who already have a season or two of skiing experience (perhaps from our Catamounts program!) and are ready to step it up a notch. The BKL development program costs $100 and will meet 2 days per week, on Wednesdays at 3:30pm and Saturdays at 2:00pm, plus the occasional Friday afternoon as coaching availability permits. This is a good group for kids interested in doing some BKL races and/or the BKL festival, as well as just having fun and developing skills through play. While the emphasis is still on fun, the BKL development group will also be introduced to more ski-specific training and technique work. Equipment is NOT included in the program but participants are encouraged to take advantage of our season-long rental options. Rental orders can be made here; if you have questions, send an email to Please note that the rental program is only for kids participating in Craftsbury programming! Craftsbury junior coach Anna Schulz will be the primary coach for BKL development and will be assisted by GRP and other staff as needed. Register here.

High School/BKL competitive


The high school/Bill Koch League competitive program is for kids age 10+, primarily middle-schoolers, with significant skiing experience. This group has a strong focus on racing and ski-specific training (though we do try to keep it fun!). The HS/BKL competitive program gets U14s ready for BKL races in addition to preparation for the next level in skiing. It is also appropriate for moderately experienced high school skiers planning to compete in high school races, Eastern Cups, Junior National Qualifiers and New England U16 Championships. One day per week of biathlon training (likely Wednesdays) is built into the 4-day-a-week schedule. In the 2015-2016 season, the group will meet Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons at 3:30pm and Saturday mornings at 9:30am. Many Tuesday practices will incorporate the Craftsbury Tuesday night race series. The cost of this program is $150 for the season. As with the other programs, participation provides access to competitively priced season-long rentals. Rental orders can be made here; if you have questions, send an email to Please note that the rental program is only for kids participating in Craftsbury programming! The HS/BKL competitive group will be led by Craftsbury junior coach Anna Schulz, biathlon coach Sam Dougherty, masters coach Ollie Burruss, and GRP coach Pepa Miloucheva. Register here.

Eastern Cup Racing


As the name suggests, this group is for junior skiers who plan to compete in regional races and focus seriously on racing. Meant for kids age 15+, the EC race program provides training specifically structured to help the athletes meet their racing goals. Participants in this program typically compete in high school races, Eastern Cups, Junior Olympic Qualifiers, New England U16 Championships, and/or Eastern High School Championships. One day per week of biathlon training (likely Saturdays) is built into the 4-day-a-week schedule. Many Tuesday practices will incorporate the Craftsbury Tuesday night race series. The program costs $200 for the 2015-2016 winter season. Practices will be Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:30pm and Saturdays and Sundays at 9:30am. Training plans, training log assessment, and limited wax support at some regional races are included in the program fee. As with the other programs, participation also provides access to rentals, but kids in this group are encouraged to purchase their own equipment if at all possible. If you have questions about the group or equipment, please send an email to group will be led by Craftsbury junior coach Anna Schulz, biathlon coach Sam Dougherty, masters coach Ollie Burruss, and GRP coach Pepa Miloucheva. Register here

School Groups

school groups

Groups of kids from area schools can come ski for free on our professionally maintained trails through our school groups program. Equipment and introductory instruction is also provided free of charge. Helping promote Nordic skiing and making it accessible to the local public is an important part of our mission. School teachers and administrators are encouraged to contact us to learn more about this great opportunity.

OJ/Seniors/Green Racing Project


This elite training group is formed by personal arrangement only. Interested skiers should contact us via for more details.


fall biathlon

Biathlon is offered as a part of weekly programming for our HS/BKL competitive and EC race programs. To learn more about biathlon opportunities at the Outdoor Center, contact us at

Competitive Masters Training

mstrs trn

Led by coach Ollie Burruss, our masters training group is appropriate for competitive adult skiers. Winter practices will start after Thanksgiving. The group will meet Tuesdays at 3:30pm before the Tuesday Night Races, Thursdays at 3:00pm or 5:00pm, and Sunday morning at 9am. More to come soon! In the meantime, feel free to direct questions to Registration is now open on

Adult Recreational Ski Group


This free group for adult members meets once a week (schedule TBA). Before setting out on the tour, participants will be led through some drills, instruction, or given a focus or theme for the day. Each day's route will be determined by the conditions, participant abilities and the skier's energy on a given day. There will be a primary leader of the group, with guest appearances by a variety of Center staff through the winter.

The group is free for members. Not a member? Find out more about Center membership here.

Part of our mission is to make lifelong sport accessible to one and all. As such, we have a scholarship program to support kids who may not otherwise be able to participate in our programs. We also offer assistance to families in our programs whose children have qualified for and are traveling to major skiing competitions. You can complete a scholarship application here. Feel free to contact junior coach Anna Schulz ( with questions about scholarships. 

Still have questions? Contact us via for more details.

Hope to see you on the trails!