Running & Yoga Week

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Running at Craftsbury Outdoor Center

June 16 - 21, 2013 (6 days)

Yoga has always played a big role in all our camps as the two disciplines are natural complements. Both are fluid and dynamic, requiring focus, resilience and grace. Yoga practice can help the body recover from challenging running workouts and prevent overuse injuries. One's posture, flexibility and balance often improve through yoga resulting in a more fluid stride and increased body mobility. Most runners find that the breath work in yoga class translates into more rhythmic and controlled breathing when running. These benefits and more are available to practitioners of the two disciplines.

Our new program emphasizes and strengthens that connection between theses two branches of athletics by offering daily yoga programming. The yoga curriculum for the week will focus on increasing our range of motion, improving balance, rehabilitating injuries and opening tight places. On the track, trails, and roads, we'll cover a broad range of topics from specific workouts, form/technical considerations, broader training principles, strength, conditioning and lots more - all through the lens of applying our yoga lessons to our running, and vice versa.

Come enhance your running with yoga, or complement your yoga with the all the regular activities of our running program. However you choose to frame it, both practices will improve thanks to the cross-pollination of the divergent approaches. Return home with a new spring in your step and ready to take both sports to the next level!


Craftsbury Outdoor Center

I love yoga, but don't run much. Can I still join in?
I love to run, but aside from a bit of PT, I've never done much beyond stretching. Will I fit in?

Yes to both! This program is open to all ages and abilities; beginning runners and beginning yoga students are welcome.

Can I get more detail on the types of running workouts I'll do? What will you be cutting from a regular camp for yoga week?
Running and Yoga Week will include all the programming of a regular running camp week with the addition of a daily yoga class. To learn more about our running camps and to see a sample day of camp, check out What's Camp Like.

What's included in the price?
Like all Craftsbury Running Camps, we price our offerings to be all inclusive. Your $1009 dollars gets you lodging, three scrumptious daily meals in our dining hall, all your instruction, program-related transportation, a massage session, bike rental and yoga classes. It's a great deal!

Have a question we didn't touch on? Check out the running pages, and if that doesn't address your concerns, contact Director Lynn Jennings at, or email the office. See you in June!