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The Ultimate in Cross-training, Craftsbury Style

June 9 - 14, 2013
August 4 - 9, 2013

Are you a runner who is intrigued by rowing and wants to learn how to scull? Or perhaps you are a sculler who loves to run but can't imagine coming to Craftsbury and not getting out on Big Hosmer Pond. Either way, this camp allows you to use both your running shoes and your oars.

The rowing instruction for camp will arise from participation in much of the week's traditional morning sculling program schedule. Early-morning sessions are generally geared toward individual instruction, while the midday row is organized around group instruction and drills. Dockside talks and demonstrations provide a specific focus for each row.

After lunch and some free time, afternoons are for running and include workouts like a trip to the track in Morrisville, a hill workout, fartlek run or tempo run, or a challenging trail run. Other electives such as yoga, bike rides and smaller break out seminars keep us busy until dinner.

Each evening has a seminar, presentation or lecture on running-related topics. Personal presentations by coaches and information-packed training and nutrition lectures are just a few of our offerings. After the scheduled evening activity, free time finds campers socializing, playing Scrabble, watching movies and relaxing.


Various field trips during the week take us around the area. We'll travel to Stowe for a run and some sightseeing as well as to a few classic nearby Vermont General Stores. Mid-week we have our legendary Endurathon Day. It's a day-long extravaganza of fun: swimming, biking, hiking to a peak (often Mount Pisgah), running and ending with a dip in Lake Willoughby.

We end our week with the most beautiful run in Vermont: the 10 mile Ridge Run. The last day of camp also includes a 30 minute one-on-one consultation with a running coach. Each runner has the opportunity to discuss their own fitness and training and racing goals with the coach of their choice.

The hearty meals served between runs and rows are perfect times for unwinding, exchanging stories, or following up with coaches, and there's always time to sit and talk with our staff about racing, training, or anything else during social times or around the evening campfire. The daily schedule at camp is full but well-paced, giving you time to take breaks and enjoy yourself and your fellow campers. The enthusiasm and knowledge that our coaches bring to the Craftsbury experience will help you come away a better athlete, runner and sculler. Why not come join us?

A Sample Day of Camp

7:00am Dock demonstration about aspects of the stroke cycle and performance topics, followed by individual coaching.
9:00am Breakfast
10:00am Training Discussion: Nutrition for Athletes
11:30am Another dock demonstration, then sculling drills coached in small groups.
1:00pm Lunch
2:00pm Free time: Take canoes or kayaks out on Big Hosmer Pond, ride bikes on the trails, go for a swim, read a book - or just relax. Recovery is what makes you faster!
3:00pm Coached running instruction. As an example, it's Vermont, so you can be sure that each week will include a hill running clinic. We offer a strong workout on our local favorite hills. Divided into smaller groups, each group works with a coach to learn good uphill and downhill techniques. A jump in the lake afterward is the reward!
6:00pm Social hour with wine and cheese
7:00pm Dinner
8:00-8:30pm Training Discussion: Building a Training Program
Evenings Fun and socializing in Cedar Lounge: Scrabble tournaments, puzzles and games, or s'mores around the campfire.


Lynn Jennings docking

Can anyone attend? I've never rowed before.
Regardless of ability level, anyone age 12 and up can attend on their own (we ask that younger campers are accompanied by a parent and get approval from our staff). As in our full-fledged sculling programs, we are prepared to meet each camper at whatever level they are at and help them to improve.

Do I need to bring a boat?
If you wish, you are welcome to. However, we have a fleet designed to meet the needs of the full range of scullers. Boat use is factored into the camp price.

How big will the camp be?
Only ten (10) athletes will be accepted for the 2013 camp - don't hesitate to sign up!

What does the camp cost?
A complete package of programming, boat, lodging and meals is available for $1009 with a double occupancy accommodation. Single occupancy and other lodging upgrades are available. Sign up here.

How do I sign up?
Download this form or call the office at 802-586-7767.

Still have questions? Please contact coach Lynn Jennings at for more programming info or our front office for lodging questions - General information about our running camps can be found here and traditional sculling offerings here. Hope we'll see you in June.