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Race Volunteer Opportunities

Young Marathon volunteers man the feed station as part of the Craftsbury BKL group.

Over the years the Craftsbury Outdoor Center has been the grateful recipient of many volunteers' donated time, energy and skills. We are pleased to announce exciting new opportunities to be a part of the action this winter. We have a niche for almost everyone, regardless of your interest or age, and the vast majority of these opportunities do NOT require you to be a skier - only to be a friendly, generous representative of the NEK!

Volunteer for the Craftsbury Marathon The Marathon is our largest one-day event and offers a special fund-raising opportunity for volunteers and non-profit organizations. Individual volunteers get the same perks as listed above, plus we'll make a cash donation in your name based on the number of hours you work to one of the following non-profits:

The Marathon is also great fundraising opportunity for non-profit organizations that work at the Marathon as a group. The Center will make a donation to your organization worth $5/person hour to your group. You'll reach your fundraising goal before you know it, and have fun as a group working together!

You can find current Marathon Volunteer opportunities here.

While the Marathon is a well-known focal point of Craftsbury's, we are again hosting a number of regional and national caliber events that require as much or more volunteer participation as the Marathon. We'd love if you'd consider joining us!

Volunteer for one race Don't have much time, or just want to see what a ski race looks like from the inside? Join us for one of our events. Whether you perform a duty you're familiar with or tackle a new project, you're bound to have a fun experience. Some of the niceties you can expect for your help include a free lunch or refreshments on that race day, an entry into our end of season Volunteer Raffle Drawing, and for the Opener or Classic - a free race entry! (Perfect for parents of young racers)! Email us to find out more or sign up!

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Volunteer for two or more race weekends For our most dedicated volunteers, we are working on putting together a few items of winter wear to keep you warm and make you more recognizable as a volunteer. If you expect to be able to help out with at least two of the following race weekends, we will keep you even warmer!! Please let us know of your interest and your top size so we can appropriately recognize your contributions.

December 21-22: NENSA Eastern Cup Openers - this race weekend kicks off the New England season. There will be a skate sprint on Saturday and a classic distance race on Sunday.

February 1: Craftsbury Marathon - see above for full details.

February 7-9: SuperTour/Dartmouth Carnival - we're especially excited to welcome the national SuperTour race series back to New England. It will be combined with the Dartmouth Carnival races for 3 days of racing with a top-notch US/Canadian field expected.

March 14-16: Craftsbury GRP Spring Mini-Tour - this will be our 3rd year running this low-key, high-caliber spring race weekend. Next Steps:

Questions? If you're interested and ready to join up, email us - volunteers@craftsbury.com, or reach us by phone - 802-586-7767 (x 26). We'll be sure to let you know of any additional upcoming training opportunities, meetings or volunteer events. And tell your friends and family to join in - the more the merrier! Thanks for your interest!

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