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Tuesday Race Series #8 (non-point race) - 6k
February 23, 2016
Craftsbury Common, VT

9k Results were included in the 2016 race series point calculations and are posted on the series results page.

15Malcolm Silver- Van MeterThetford, VT16M16:53.6
26Whit Van MeterThetford, VT46M19:51.0
321Henry ValentineMontpelier, VT16M21:11.8
425Asa Richardson- SkinderMontpelier, VT15M22:13.4
515Kathy SwansonCraftsbury Common, VT59F22:26.2
63Emily SilverThetford, VT48F24:53.6
722Brynn BusheyMontpelier, VT16F25:02.8
828Caitlin AcostaMontpelier, VT17F25:08.9
929Maggie NowlanMontpelier, VT17F25:11.5
101George HallCraftsbury Common, VT80M27:00.6
1126Eleanor BraunMontpelier, VT14F29:57.0
1224Stella KahnMontpelier, VT16F32:49.2