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Craftsbury Daily Ski Report

Snow Depth Mon 22 Dec @ 08:31

Depth at Snow Stake: 18" natural, 20+" man made

Snowfall Last 24 Hrs: none

Kilometers Open Mon 22 Dec @ 08:31

Total: 36 k

Track Set: 36 k

Skate Groomed: 36 k

Days open this season: 33

Comments Mon 22 Dec @ 08:41

A cold night last night, so the trails are set up pretty solidly this morning, but we're supposed to warm up today and even see some flurries by the end of the day.  We have plenty of snow on the ground ...looking a bit like Christmas out there.

News flash for dog owners: Both Little and Big Hosmer are skiable.  The access trails to the Lakes are groomed but on the lakes themselves we'll need a little more snow before a real track can be set.

The loop to the village and over the Common is now open.  Now that the lakes are safe for snowmobiles we will begin work on getting the Wylie Hill section of the Grand Tour ready.  Shouldn't be too far in the future. 

We have hard wax conditions today, but binder is a good idea, and bring some extra wax along too...the tracks are a little abrasive.  Skating conditions are firm packed powder. 

If you have any questions please call the Outdoor Center for more information. 586-7767


Groomers Note
The ice and snow storm we experienced last week caused extensive tree damage throughout our entire trail network and in many places it was far worse than the ice storm of last year.  Some trails have required daily chainsaw work to get our grooming equipment through, but with the exception of Wylie Hill and Highland Lodge trails which we're working on this week all trails are good now. 

Events Mon 22 Dec @ 08:41


Check out all our events here on our events calendar - or just find fitness opportunities here.

Trail Conditions Mon 22 Dec @ 08:35

Our daily goal is to deliver the most skiing possible, groomed to the highest standard we can. We have three PistenBully groomers, as well as a selection of snow machines at our disposal - plus a collection of snow-farming implements. In general, trails are groomed and tracked by mid-morning, though that can be pushed back during days of heavy snow or under other circumstances. Unless otherwise noted, always assume groomed also implies tracked.

Core Trails

The core trails are PistenBully groomed pretty much daily by no later than mid-morning. They are most likely to receive extra attention in terms of shoveling, snow-making, snow-farming and other efforts.

Trail Kilometers Groomed Note
US Upper Soccer Field 0.7k Dec 22  
LS Lower Soccer Field 0.7k Dec 22  
1 Murphy's Field 1.3k Dec 22  
2 Round-a-bit 0.7k Dec 22  
3 Duck Pond 2.9k Dec 22  
15 Elinor's Trail 2.8k Dec 21  
18 Round-a-lot 0.8k Dec 21  
10 Lemon's Haunt 2.3k Dec 21  
12 Bailey Hazen 3.7k Dec 22  
11 Race Loop 5.5k Dec 22  
4 Biathlon Trails 1.3k Dec 21  
Ruthie's/Sam's/Hosmer Point

This group of trails receives the next most frequent attention from our grooming staff. Not quite daily, but pretty darn close most of the season. Outlying trails are more dependent on natural snow, though we frequently plow the surrounding fields to ensure good conditions on these trails. Hosmer Point trails benefit the most from a heavier snowpack, as many trails are on gravel paths, and are open to the wind and sun that can thin the cover. These popular trails are generally ready to go pretty early in the day, but not as early as the Core.

Trail Kilometers Groomed Note
13 Ruthie's Run 8.5k Dec 21  
13a Ruthie's-Sam's Alternate 9.3k CLOSED
16 Max's Pond 2.8k CLOSED
17 Charley's Cabin Out & Back 7.6k Dec 21  
14 Sam's Run 8.5k Dec 21  

The lake trails are snow-machine groomed as conditions permit. Given the dynamic situation with the underlying ice, the lakes are some of the most volatile of our trails. Definitely check to confirm the state of the lakes before setting out.

Trail Kilometers Groomed Note
30 Big Hosmer Lake 7.5k Dec 20 4 inches of ice and enough snow to ski on...
7 Little Hosmer Lake 7.2k CLOSED
8 Cabin Trail 2.0k CLOSED
Grand Tour and Beyond

We aim to groom most of these loops once, sometimes 2-3 times per week, depending on conditions and the amount of fresh snow. The PistenBully will generally make a run to Highland Lodge a time or two during the week. These loops are more likely snow machine groomed than trails closer in to the Center - but you'll be surprised what the grooming team can accomplish with the more traditional approach.

Trail Kilometers Groomed Note
5 Village Out & Back 13.6k Dec 20  
6c Grand Tour Cutoff 13.0k Nov 18 up and over the Common, Wylie Hill section closed
6 Grand Tour 16.7k CLOSED
9 Wylie Hill Trail 9.0k CLOSED
52 To Highland Lodge 19.8k CLOSED
Highland Lodge Trails

With the exception of the Highland Lodge connector, for '13-14 the Highland Lodge Trail system will be classic groomed throughout. The more narrow, less developed trail system fits smaller snow machines and the style and speed of classic skiing better. Craftsbury groomers and volunteers from Greensboro will keep the Lodge trails in shape all winter. The plan is to groom in Greensboro a couple of times a week, depending on traffic at the facility, conditions and snowfall.

Trail Kilometers Groomed Note
NA Patmos 5.0k CLOSED
NA Short and Long Barr Hill 6.0k CLOSED
NA Easy Rider - Beech Rd 10.0k CLOSED
NA Great Circle 16.0k CLOSED

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