SBTC Workout of the Week: # 7

New Maas shells wait at the ready for the campers' return.

New Maas shells wait at the ready for the campers' return.

Work-Out Type: Race pieces with equal rest – great when done head to head with other teammates.

Purpose: Lactate tolerance and race rehearsal.

Frequency: 2-3 times a season. Allow 10 days before any major race.

Workout: Consists of 3 sets of 5 pieces:  1 minute race pace, 1 minute rest. Give 3-4 minutes between each set.

Structure: This workout is a golden opportunity to rehearse your race day. Make this workout a carbon copy of your race plan, down to the gear you intend to race in. Find any flaws now while they are still fixable.

Start by setting a time and location for the start of your first set. Do your land and water warm ups, and meet at the specified time and location.

For all the sets, the first minute of work is analogous to the first minute of race, middle three the body with associated, structured moves, final minute similar to last minute of race.

Minute 1 starts from a dead start, just as the race would. Minutes 2-5 begin with rolling start similar to the first 5 strokes of the race.

Rest intervals are equal time to the work interval, at paddle pressure.

Example: The individual or crew does the land and water warm up and meets at the specified time and location for the start of the first set.

The shells align, there is a polling, and the regular starting commands. Execute the first minute of the race exactly as you plan it for race day, then paddle one minute.

For the second work interval, begin at a rolling start similar to the first five strokes of your race, then row at the rate and intensity you’ve determined for that point in your race. Paddle one minute. Repeat this process for the third and fourth work intervals.

The final work interval begins from another rolling start, after which you stride to your last minute of racing’s tempo, including your sprint to the line. Paddle for a minute and a half. Stop, hydrate and prepare for the next set – whatever that means for your situation (turning, etc). Allow yourself three to four minutes between the sets, aiming for as complete a recovery as possible during that time.

Cool Down: Should be extensive. The above is a tough workout. Length of the cool down should be at least 15 minutes. Sculling at half pressure clears lactate faster than paddling, but include plenty of both after this workout to allow your heart rate to recover to near pre-race levels before returning to dock.

Next Workout: 4 x 750 meters flat out in tailwind or dead calm conditions always running in the same direction.

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