Marathon Week 2012

Diane and Cheryl on Mt. Pisgah

Blue skies and sunshine made Endurathon Day fantastic

Eimar smiles his way from Mt. Pisgah to Lake Willoughby

Newly minted biathletes before racing

Kim races toward the range for the second time

Jeff steadies his rifle and aims for his targets 50 meters away


Michael arrives at the range after racing and readies to shoot

Dave revels in Ridge Run beauty

Coaches Brett and John run in rhythm until Brett put down the hammer

Take 13 runners, put them through their running paces for a solid week and be sure to add in laughter, stories and bonding over relays and rifles. What do you get? A top notch and memorable marathon week.  Eimar kept us entertained with his delightful Irish brogue, Cheryl and Diane shared their annual mom/daughter summer holiday this week, regaling us with stories of their annual mom/daughter summer holidays from summers past, and Jeff flew his own plane into Morrisville for his week of running camp.  The highlight of the week was the trip to the Ethan Allen Biathlon Club in Jericho for the weekly 5k biathlon race (results here). The week zipped past and before we knew it we were on Creek Road reveling in the gloriously misty and cool July morning. Thanks all for a great week!


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