All Comers Scenes

Magical mist enveloped the runners during the Common workout

Coach Jess points as she describes the course for the tempo run

We’ve gone high tech in order to explain Endurathon Day!


Kim, Willie and Lindsay pause near the Diamond Heart cows – a bull serenaded us as we rolled past on Endurathon Day

Mike and Ed are happy

Local cheeses plus growlers of Hill Farmstead beer kept Kim, Mike and Fred in good spirits


Coaches Lynn and Jess are serious and not that much fun during running camp. Not.

The gang minus Ed who was swimming to the Narrows

Another All Comers week has wrapped and we couldn’t have had a more synergistic week. Newcomer Willie with his Staten Island accent, sharp eye and rollicking sense of humor kept us laughing. Ed enjoyed his 19th year at Craftsbury and Suzanne discovered her inner toughness every single day. With a happy mix of new faces and veterans, All Comers week is consistently one of the best weeks of the summer. Check out the fun in 2014!

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