Run2Scull Action

Fresh from the Ridge Run 10 miler, we gathered for our last photo

Runners Janet and Peter, celebrating their 25th anniversary, came to Craftsbury to learn to scull

The Creek Road beagle made it through another winter and greeted us with his familiar gimlet eye

Abby chases Phoebe and Peter on old 5A

Coach Matt greets Peter with water on Endurathon Day as Phoebe works the hill

A perfect day for hiking and running but the chill meant Abby had Lake Willoughby all to herself

Patty heads off for Head of the Hosmer


Phoebe moved up to a fast boat for Head of the Hosmer

This was Abby’s fourth visit to Craftsbury. Her love of running and sculling made her the perfect athlete for Run2Scull

Abby and Patty share a dock moment

The essentials at mile 7 of the Ridge Run: water, peanut butter sandwich and a power sniff of a fragrant Rosa Rugosa bloom

Peter heads for home with Little Hosmer guiding him in

The fourth annual Run2Scull, Scull2Run week saw Janet, Peter, Phoebe and Patty learn to scull while Abby finally got to join the runners after watching running camps from afar while she was at sculling camp in previous years. Coaches Matt and Lynn guided the runners through 14 hill repeats, a scintillating fartlek and tempo session in the rain on the Common and an impressionist painting-worthy Ridge Run 10 miler. Sculling managing director Troy Howell praised Patty and Phoebe calling them “this week’s sculling prodigies.”

It was a busy and laugh-filled week – there’s no rest for the weary when the athletes are sculling twice a day, running tough workouts and completing our classic Endurathon Day to boot!

Join us next year for Run2Scull’s fifth rendition!

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