Time trialing with the masters dryland group

On Sunday, June 21, despite a steady rain, seven intrepid members of the masters dryland training group ran the first of many West Hill TTs. With courses of either 0.6 or 1.1 miles to choose from, the group attacked the course, poles in hand, looking to lay down fast times. When it was all over, five runners had completed the 1.1mi and two had opted for 0.6. Everyone pushed hard on a day that called for toughness and resilience in the face of nasty weather and a new and unrelenting course.

Results and photos are below.

Runner .6mi Time 1.1mi Time
Wyle Solomon 6:35 12:09
Dick Dreissigacker 7:56 13:22
Judy Geer 8:19 13:45
Linda Ramsdell 8:28 14:33
Elinor Osborn 11:10 19:52
Sung-Hee Chung 9:15
George Hall 9:38
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