Zippy Teen Runners: HS XC Week 2

With 24 speedy teens converging on the Center from as far away as Ethiopia, the coaching staff was strapped in for a fast ride. As is his custom, Coach Pierre brought an SUV chock full of his club runners from Ontario. It was a relief to have Georgetown collegians Sarah and Stephen on board to keep pace with the swift teens! Grassy interval day was hot and sunny while Endurathon day rained buckets on us all day long. No matter. We did it all and rejoiced in the effort. It was another full flight week of running with teens that kept us moving at a clip.

Sarah and Stephen read off relay teams on the upper soccer field after the grassy interval session

Mira and Alex power up the hill during in the midst of a grassy 800 interval

Adam, Nathan and Matthew round the bend during grassy intervals

Coach Ron rocks his fedora while filming the interval session

Sarra works the hill with good form

Sarra, Eiligh and Melissa smile after the Pisgah hike


Endurathon Day ragamuffins after the Pisgah hike

Annemarie, Eilidh, Melissa, Loren and Avery stand on the vent in the Westmore Fellowship Bulding where we took refuge for our lunch on Endurathon Day

Zach got the good solider award on Endurathon Day

The only time we all stood still this week

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