Energy and Experience – Masters Running

Once again the masters romped and stomped their way through their week with 20 returners and 5 new runners. It was a week to remember with favorite coaches Greg and Eric returning to spark it up with their inimitable style. This camp is plenty full of running but it’s the connections forged over so many years that make it so special. To see Jules mixing it up with young coach Jo was to see the authenticity of Craftsbury. New and old, fast and slow, gregarious and quiet — this is masters week.

Drills make runners faster

Coach Jo and Jules: both ends of the age spectrum meet in the middle over cider, wine and cheese social

Elaine is sunny


Michael toughs out the grassy intervals

Michael dashes up the hill

Bette and Laura push and pull each other up the hill

Jill was a smart athlete all week testing her return from injury

Jerry works the intervals in anticipation of his induction into the Wall of Fame — 10 years at Craftsbury!

The masters did their intervals on the grass instead of the track this year — a big change but the relay was as fun as ever

Nobody pulls off the Craftsbury van slouch like Coach Greg while Eric stands in awe

It’s got to be a good week when french braids are happening  in Irasburg

The shady Mt. Hor hike continues to be a popular option on Endurathon Day

Coaches Jo and Anne in synch on sunny Endurathon Day

Lawton and Diane smile it up

Richard contemplates an incongruous ancient pyramid on Westmore Beach

Masters tear it up on the Common with strides

Laura and Nick share the work of fartlek running

Lisa gives it everything during the tempo run

Her first time at Craftsbury found Susan torching it all week long

Susan and Maureen, both new to camp,  had smiles all week long plus they were fast!

Richard and Coach Eric on our last night. Richard was inducted into the Wall of Fame — 10 years at Craftsbury

The entire posse in one place at one time. Unheard of!

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