Here’s to Autumn Running: Foliage Weekend 2

Elena brings the zest to running camp along with her wee companion, Little Pinky.

That familiar snap in the air, glowing sunshine against vibrant leaves, rustling tall corn stalks, shrouded mists on Big Hosmer and hoar frost abounding, autumn at Craftsbury resonates. Fifteen spirited runners showed up for the last foliage weekend running camp for superb running and camaraderie.

Long-time Craftsbury runner Elena brought her robust posse of five from Boston and we hardly needed the tough core and body workout by Coach Jo Jo since the non-stop laughing served as its own abs strengthener. We ran hills in the mists, climbed Mt. Elmore in brilliant sunshine, were rewarded with superb views from the fire tower and ran a spectacular Ridge Run too beautiful to waste time stopping to photograph it. Coach Mike talked about training principles, Coach Sue gave us the ins and outs of injury prevention and Coach Jo Jo put the athletes through their paces in the AC gym. It was a highlight listening to Coach Kasie share her international mountain and sky running exploits. What a weekend!

With only Trails2Ales left on the running camp calendar, the 2015 running season is drawing to a close. Lots of exciting camps on tap for 2016 including a beginning runners weekend and a four-day foliage camp — thanks for coming to Craftsbury, see you next year!

I was setting out cones for the hill session in the dark by flashlight and soon after that we were out in full force zipping up and down the hills.

The sun started to pierce the fog as we headed for the Matterhorn

Jen and Beth get their breath back after ascending the Matterhorn in the magical mist

A challenging hill workout completed by 7:30am!

Our favorite red barn, the Murphy’s landmark glows

Runners in residence at Craftsbury

Dahlia came to camp to reinvigorate her running after having Baby Savannah

Lake Elmore view from the fire tower

The other view from the fire tower — runners and shadows

Coaches Lynn and Kasie show off their Run Vermont swag from long time Craftsbury coach Jess. Coach Mike wishes he had the goods, too!

Our lake-side lunch was idyllic and relaxing. Patty, Christine and Maggie are discussing whether rocket science is more important than running

The Sunday sunshine was beguiling so we had our coach roundtable session on the deck, caught some rays and took our final camp photo

The weekend's full complement of coaches: Mike, Lynn, Jo Jo, Sue and Kasie

The weekend’s full complement of coaches: Mike, Lynn, Jo Jo, Sue and Kasie


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2 Responses to Here’s to Autumn Running: Foliage Weekend 2

  1. Cindy says:

    Elena! Couldn’t have asked for a better Camp Ambassador. What a weekend! What a group!! These coaches are one of a kind, and I am honored to have learned from all of them. Craftsbury wisdom … “to be a runner, you are going to have to run a little bit.”

    See you next Fall!

    • Elena says:

      It was a fun and beautiful weekend. And go figure, my running is so much better! We’ll come to Portsmouth for a run soon!


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