2018 Summer Tuesday Night Race Series

Last week, we held our 13th and final Julbo Tuesday Night race of the 2018 summer. This weekly event has become a tradition here at the Outdoor Center, with as many as 60 racers toeing the line on any given Tuesday evening this summer. Each week, we offered three race options: 5k run, 5k bike, or 10k bike. While many racers elected to run, we’ve seen the biker turnout grow over the years! Races were held primarily at the Center, but also traveled throughout the area. We had three races at Hosmer Point, one in town on the Sterling College trails, and one on the Hazen Union Trails in Hardwick.

At the end of the season, we crowned overall male and female winners in each category. Each winner won a pair of Julbo sunglasses. Our winners were:

Women’s 5k bike: Jennifer Schoen


Men’s 5k bike: Orion Cenkl

(off playing soccer during the awards. Still got his glasses though just no picture of him!)

Women’s 10k bike: Megan Jolly


Men’s 10k bike: Matt Moody


Women’s 5k run: Audrey Mangan (Rose Modry won the sunglasses as staff are ineligible for overall prizes).


Men’s 5k run: Ethan Dreissigacker (Leo Circosta won the sunglasses as staff are ineligible for overall prizes).


We also recognized age group winners and they were given a choice of homemade cookies, zucchini blueberry bread, or granola.

5k bike:

Women 20-29: Cara Murphy, Women 30-39: Clare Wilson, Women 40-49: Jennifer Schoen

Men U16: Orion Cenkl, Men 16-19: David Moody

10k bike:

Women 20-29: Annie Rowell, Women 30-39: Megan Jolly

Men U16: Trey Jones, Men 30-39: Chris Jolly, Men 50-59: Matthew Moody


Women U16: Amelia Circosta, Women 20-29: Emma Podolinm Women 30-39: Audrey Mangan (and Rose Modry as non-staff), Women 40-49: Alyssa Krebs, Women 60-69: Lindy Sargent.

Men U16: Leo Circosta, Men 16-19: Logan McElry, Men 20-29: Ethan Dreissigacker (and Ethan Self non-staff), Men 30-39: Josh Gould, Men 40-49: Eric Remick, Men 50-59: Adrian Owens and Jim FLint, Men 70-79: John Broadhead, Men 80+ George Hall.

The races take place rain or shine and alternate between two different courses, giving racers a range of racing opportunities throughout the summer. The races attract a wide variety of athletes, from six year olds putting a bib on to the first time, to seasoned TNR veterans, to GRP athletes using the race as a hard workout. Here are a selection of photos from the racing season. Thanks to Sheldon Miller, Heidi Caldwell, and Caitlin Patterson for capturing the races in action!

Amelia Circosta whizzing by

Ollie Burruss and Adam Martin

Matt Moody

Race start at Hazen Union. Big thanks to Eric Remick and Cormac Leahy for setting this course!

Anika Leahy

Cara Murphy

Logan McElroy leads Rose Modry up a climb

Cole Alexander

Happy junior coaches Audrey Mangan and Anna Schulz! And a smily Eric Remick too!

Nick Augsberger and Josh Gould fighting to the line.

Race start

Race start at the COC

Beach biking at Hosmer Point

Buddies Charlie Krebs and Thomas Kehler

Mom and daughter duo: Effie and Cara Dunn

Ruth Krebs in her first TNR bike race!

Maeda Urie is all smiles as she nears the finish line

Stig Linck leads dad Robert to the finish

Ethan Dreissigacker approaches the line

Mike Gibson takes the win in his sole race of the season

George Hall about to cross the finish line of the Sterling race, with a big cheering section!


An urban experience for the Sterling Race

We traditionally end each TNR season with a pizza party. Big thanks to Anna Schulz for being the pizza making queen. And to Amy Schulz, Pam Jaspersohn, and Sam Messer for making beautiful and delicious salads with produce from the Hosmer Point gardens!

Fresh tomato, nasturtium, and parsley salad

Akeo Maefield-Carucci wielding the unwieldy pizza slicer

Pizza pizza pizza

Anna the pizza queen!

Audrey and the Dunn family enjoying pizza and veggies

And last but certainly not least, a huge thank you to Kait Miller for being the TNR race director and organizer extraordinaire!

Kait in the blue shirt!

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