Craftsbury Running Coach Spotlight

Each month, we’ll be featuring a short interview with one of our summer running coaches. First up, Sam Davis, a USATF Certified Level 2 Endurance Coach, as well as an RRCA Coach.

Sam, at age 23, running the Stowe 8-Miler in 1984

What made you decide to coach runners?
About 15 years ago, I was approached about teaching the advanced marathoning class for RunVermont which puts on the Vermont CIty Marathon. I never really felt that I had anything to offer others as far as how to run a marathon. I decided I needed to start learning as much as I could about the subject, so I began reading all about marathon training. Over time, I had people approach me and ask if I would ever consider coaching them individually. I decided to get formal training training from USA Track and Field as well as Road Runners Club of America and still continue to study coaching. The rest is history!

What is one piece of running advice you wish you could share with your younger self?
I pushed myself all the time when I was young; high mileage and hard workouts, but never learned the value of rest and recovery. I believe I trained too hard without letting up. It’s a wonder I had the successes I did despite the lack of proper rest!

Where is your favorite place to run? (Besides Craftsbury of course!)
Any dirt road! Beyond that, my favorite place to run is anywhere with my wife, Patty or my dear friend and long time running partner, Randy Sightler. To me, it’s all about the company you keep.

Do you have any pre-race superstitions or routines?
I did have a superstition of wearing the same pair of socks to every race I ran. The main routine I have is to find a quiet place to warm up and be alone with my thoughts. I visualize how I want the race to go and it helps me lock into a racing mindset.

When you’re not running or working with runners, what do you enjoy doing?
I have a fairly busy life with work, running and coaching, but I do find time to relax and play piano.

What is the best thing about coaching at Craftsbury Running Camp?
The best thing about coaching at Craftsbury is getting together with folks who have a shared love of running. The bucolic setting provides a great escape from the grind of everyday life and helps to create a greater learning environment for the runners who attend.

Sam chatting with Meb Keflezighi
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