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Forest Finds

My latest forest discoveries demonstrate the difference between being a ground nester like the white throated sparrow and a cavity nester like the tree swallow. The white throated sparrow nestlings grow faster and hop out of their forest floor nest … Continue reading

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Cryptic Creatures

The summer season has arrived at Craftsbury and with it come busy and productive days of running, sculling, coaching and having a brain full of details that must be remembered. When I need a respite, I take Towhee and go for … Continue reading

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Recipe of the Month: Spinach Feta Casserole

This casserole has been a hit among guests, staff, and GRP athletes on Meatless Mondays, so this month we decided to share it with all of our members. Perfect for a summer potluck, this dish hits all the right spots … Continue reading

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Run2Scull Action

  The fourth annual Run2Scull, Scull2Run week saw Janet, Peter, Phoebe and Patty learn to scull while Abby finally got to join the runners after watching running camps from afar while she was at sculling camp in previous years. Coaches … Continue reading

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Lynn’s Back

Great to have Running Camp Program Director Lynn Jennings back on-site. Check out the New England Runner article on her over at their website.

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GRP Covergirl

Check out the GRPSki covergirl: Sus! Susan graced the cover of her alma mater’s alumni mag in conjunction with her commencement address. Read the article.

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