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2019 04 08 11 15 29 43 Upper Stadium Webcam YouTube

Keith and Lucas plowing all the remaining Upper field snow into summer storage.

Thanks for a great winter!

Last Updated: 08.Apr.2019

As of Monday, April 8, we're no longer grooming or running the Touring Center. 146 glorious days of groomed skiing at Craftsbury! We have our Mud n' Ice Quadrathlon on the 20th and will groom for that, but as of now, conditions are au natural.

Ready to get out on the trails and run, bike or hike? Us too! Can't wait!
...but we're going to have to. After the snow melts, the trails will be soupy at worst to very muddy and soft at best. Manmade snow is super durable, and as it melts, it'll keep all the trails way wetter than is good for them to be used. Remember, you can keep an eye on current trail conditions over at Trailhub.org.