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Kingdom Farm & Food Rando

Last Updated: 16.Aug.2016

Kingdom Farm and Food Days celebrates the local farmers, producers, and creators of the Northeast Kingdom. From fiber arts to cheese to distilleries to veggies, meat and more, the NEK has someone who makes it and wants to share it with you August 19-21! 

We're offering another way to see the Kingdom, from the seat of a bicycle! Saturday, August 20th, 2:00pm:  c'mon up, visit farms in the morning, ride bikes in the afternoon, then check out more events around the area - a great weekend, no matter how you slice it.

The Event: Grab your cross/dirt-road/Mountain bike and our cue sheet for an afternoon of fun. You'll get a time, but the event is really not competitive. Think more like fun group ride or Strava-ing your evening ride than a race. Post-ride re-fuel, with some of the best beer on the planet as we shuttle you back to your vehicle.

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