Outdoor Center News

Seasonal Trail Use Reminder

Last Updated: 05.Oct.2018

With several hunting seasons in full swing and deer season around the corner, we’d like to remind our community and members about our seasonal trail use policy. Unless a trail is on the map as part of our summer trail network, it is closed. The Outdoor Center maintains agreements with private landowners to use certain corridors of their land in the winter as ski and snowshoe trails, but outside the snowy season, there is no public trail use on those lands.

Fall and winter brings hunting and trapping season to Vermont. We urge all members and guests to be alert while using our summer trail network and to wear bright, high-vis colors while running, biking and walking on Center land through the end of big game season.

Another aspect of trail safety during this time of year is awareness of traps. Trapping is not allowed on Center land, however, on any private land in Vermont trappers are not required to erect signage as to where they're trapping, nor are they required to set their traps away from trails. Staying on trails is always a good idea for you and your four-legged companions, but especially when traps may be out.

For a complete calendar of hunting and trapping seasons in Vermont, go to the Vermont Fish and Wildlife website.