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Liz Vogt, racing out of the bridge, with former GRP member, Maggie Fellows to her right - Katie Gardner photo.

GRPRow at Speed Orders

Last Updated: 08.Nov.2016

The GRPRowers completed their fall season last weekend at the East Coast Speed Order, in Princeton, NJ. Fall speed orders always feature a unique format, with racing consisting of a 6k erg on Saturday and a 4.35k race in a single on Sunday. For everyone who attended (including COC community rower, Annie Rowell), it was an opportunity to gauge their speed against a lot of other athletes, across a couple of platforms.

After traveling most of Friday, it seemed like most of the athletes were slightly off their game for the Saturday morning erg. Wes, in the Men’s open weight single category, finished 14th with a time of 19:45. In the Women’s open weight single category, Annie Rowell and Liz Vogt finished 9th and 11th, with times of 22:33 and 22:47, respectively. Jenny McIlvane finished 5th in the Women’s lightweight single category, with a time of 23:43. Troy Howell, current coach for the GRP athletes, also played his hand at the races last weekend, competing in the Men’s open weight single category. On Saturday, he finished 27th, with a time of 21:10

Sunday was more redeemable for all. Athletes started the Sunday’s based on the finishing order from the 6k erg. Liz and Annie finished 3rd and 10th, with times of 17:35 and 18:29, respectively. Liz was over a minute faster than she was last year! Wes finished 16th with a time of 16:40. Jenny finished 4th, with a time of 18:05. Finally, Troy finished 20th, with a time of 17:05.

So what is next for the GRP rowers? As winter approaches, the lake will freeze and the athletes will transition to land training for the majority of the winter, utilizing the ergs and weight room in the COC gym and snow-covered trails around the center, doing as much volume and strength training as they can.The next races will be held in March and are the National Selection Regattas for the US National team qualification. Preparation for those races begins now!

Saturday results
Sunday results