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The relay start grid - NENSA photo.

Feb 18-19 Weekend @ Craftsbury

Last Updated: 14.Feb.2017

2017 VT High School qualifier:  Saturday, February 18.
We're happy to be hosting the Vermont J2/Eastern High School Qualifier racing. This race determines which Vermont racers will represent the state at NENSA's Eastern High School Championships, to be held March 17-19, at Mountain Top Inn & Resort, Chittenden VT. 

Racing will be Saturday, all based out of the lower field. Races will take place on a 3k course, so the vast majority of Center trails will remain open for day skiers, houseguests and tourists. We'll have complete mapping of the course in the coming day or two, as well as signed routes out to popular loops without hitting the race trail. 

The day's schedule:
8:00-9:30am Bib pick-up
10:00am Girl's Classic 3k
11:00am Boy's Classic 3k

1:00pm Girl's Skate 3k
2:00pm Boy's skate 3k

Campus/Facility Map
Alternate trails to get out to Ruthie's/Sam's

We'll post more info here as we can, but also find out more about the event at NENSA, or the Skireg page

While there will be the other 102k of trails groomed, Saturday may be a great day to take advantage of our Highland Lodge Shuttles if you seek a more contemplative ski experience.