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Susan races to 5th place in the PyeongChang sprint (photo: USBA/NordicFocus)


Clare cornering during the pursuit in PyeongChang (photo: USBA/NordicFocus)

GRP Biathletes Compete at World Cups in PyeongChang and Kontiolahti

Last Updated: 14.Mar.2017

PyeongChang, South Korea:

The seventh World Cup of the season took place at next year's Olympic venue in PyeongChang. The weekend began with a sprint in which Susan Dunklee placed 5th with one standing miss. This result marked her 5th top-five finish of the year. She was followed by Clare Egan who also had one standing miss and finished 33rd. In the pursuit race, Susan maintained her position finishing 5th with three misses. Clare placed 36th also with three misses.

In the women's relay, Clare and Susan were joined by USBA teammates Joanne Reid and Maddie Phaneuf. Clare scrambled cleaning prone and incurring one standing penalty. She tagged off to Susan who also cleaned prone and used two spares in standing. The team placed 14th with a total of one penalty and 10 spares.

Kontiolahti, Finland:

Following the relay in PyeongChang, the World Cup headed to Kontiolahti. In the sprint race, Susan placed 5th, for the third time in a row, with only one prone miss. Clare placed 59th with three standing misses securing herself a spot in the pursuit race. In the pursuit, Susan moved down to 14th place with four misses. Clare also had four misses and moved up from 59th to finish 45th. 

In the single mixed relay, Susan was joined by USBA teammate Lowell Bailey. The pair had an incredible race using only five spares over a total of eight shootings and out-sprinting Germany for second place. This was the first relay podium for American Biathlon since                                                                                                    1994.

In the mixed relay, Clare was joined by USBA teammates Joanne Reid, Paul Schommer, and Sean Doherty. Clare scrambled and only used one spare in each of her shooting stages. The team had a strong race placing 8th with one penalty lap and 9 spares. 

The Biathlon World Cup season wraps up next weekend in Oslo, Norway. Results and live coverage can be found at biathlonworld.com. Thanks for following!