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Alex Howe (photo: @hosula_photography)


Hallie Grossman (photo: Jake Ellingson)

GRP Biathletes Race the IBU Cup in Kontiolahti and Otepaa

Last Updated: 14.Mar.2017

Kontiolahti, Finland:

The seventh IBU Cup kicked off with an individual race. Emily Dreissigacker was the first American in 26th with only two misses. She was followed by Hallie Grossman who placed 59th. On the men's side, Alex Howe had a strong race finishing 33rd with four misses.

In the sprint race, Emily had another solid race finishing 33rd with only one standing miss. Hallie placed 72nd. For the men, Alex finished 68th. Emily was the only U.S. woman to qualify for the pursuit in which she placed 39th with four misses.

Otepaa, Estonia:

The final IBU Cup of the season took place in Otepaa and began with a mixed relay. Emily, Hallie, and Alex were joined by USBA teammate Jake Ellingson. Emily scrambled for the team using two spares in prone and cleaning standing. She tagged off to Hallie who incurred one prone penalty and used two spares in standing. Hallie tagged off to Alex who had a strong leg only using one standing spare. The team placed 11th with one penalty and 9 spares.

In the first sprint race, Emily placed 30th with two misses, one in prone and one in standing. Hallie placed 61st with four misses. For the men, Alex finished 87th. In the second sprint race, Emily had a personal-best finish in 20th with only one prone miss. Hallie finished in 68th. On the men's side, Alex also had a personal-best finish in 31st with only one prone miss.

Emily and Alex teamed up for the single mixed relay. Alex shot well using only one standing spare over four shooting stages. Emily struggled in her first shooting stage but recovered quickly and shot well in her remaining three stages. The team finished 11th with a total of 2 penalties and 8 spares.

In the mixed relay, Hallie was joined by USBA teammates Maddie Phaneuf, Russell Currier, and Jake Brown. Hallie was the second leg of the relay. They were the second team to be lapped which gave them a final place of 15th.

Results can be found at biathlonworld.com. Next up is U.S. Nationals hosted in Jericho, Vermont!