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2018 Forestry Series

Last Updated: 08.Sep.2018

The 2018 Forestry Series is based around the theme of  "Firewood – A deep dive into the fuel that we all think we know so well". Over the course of the summer we will explore the fuel that many of us use to heat our homes, its sourcing, and developing the resource.

The series will take place monthly, 7:00pm on Thursdays.

Thursday May 24th at 7:00pm: Putting silviculture to use in filling your woodshed.
Tony D’Amato (Associate Professor of Silviculture and Applied Forest Ecology, UVM) – Harvesting firewood is not as simple as cutting trees. Understanding the silvics of how trees respond to harvests, and applying silviculture in your woods, can transform your annual firewood harvest to a long-term health boost to your forest. This presentation will explain techniques to use, and ways to improve your forest ecosystem (A.K.A. your woodlot).

Thursday June 21st at 7:00pm: Understanding carbon in your forest, and the impact of harvesting on carbon in your woods.
Bill Keeton (Professor of Forest Ecology and Forestry) – Firewood is a form of biomass which can also be described as carbon. Trees take energy from the sun, and through the process of photosynthesis transform this energy to wood.  This presentation will explore the impacts of harvesting wood on the larger carbon cycle, and how forests can help play a role in reducing the impacts of our changing climate.

Thursday July 26th at 7:00pm: Understanding the importance of firewood to the Craftsbury Outdoor Center – much more than just a few cords of wood.
Rick Morrill (Northern Forest Conservation Services) and Dick Dreissigacker and Judy Geer (Craftsbury Outdoor Center) –  The Craftsbury Outdoor Center (COC) is a non-profit organization which in addition to promoting participation in lifelong sports, strives to use and teach sustainable practices and protect and manage the surrounding land, lake and trails.  Part of this effort includes growing and harvesting 40-50 cords of firewood annually to heat the buildings of the COC campus.  This presentation will explain how this work is done, and the role of firewood in achieving the COC’s mission of environmental stewardship.

Thursday August 23rd at 7:00pm: Understanding the science of firewood
Emma Hanson (Wood Energy Coordinator with the Vermont Dept. of Forests, Parks & Recreation):  We all know that not all trees are created equal when it comes to firewood, but do you know why?  What is the history of a cord, and are all cords created equal?  This presentation will focus on answering these questions and much more, helping to develop a much deeper understanding of the wood that fills your woodshed.

Thursday September 13th at 7:00pm: Panel discussion: A discussion on the modern use of firewood in Northern Vermont.  
Join Tabitha Bowling (Kingdom Pellets), Adam Sherman (Biomass Energy Resource Center), and representatives from the Northern Forest Center and Bourne’s Energy to discuss modern wood heating.  From pellets to wood chips, wood is used today much differently than the traditional wood stove.  Come learn about modern systems in use here in Northern Vermont for both heat and energy production and have the chance to ask local experts your questions about modern wood heating.

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