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Bjorn in the mass start (Photo: Quincy Massey- Bierman).


Marika on the shooting mat in the mass start (Photo: Quincy Massey- Bierman).

CNSC Juniors at Biathlon Nationals and Club Relays/ Spring Fling

Last Updated: 27.Mar.2017

This weekend, the Craftsbury juniors were involved in a variety of races around Vermont. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the U.S. National Biathlon Championships were held in Jericho, which Marika Massey- Bierman and Bjorn Westervelt competed in. In Friday’s sprint race, Bjorn and Marika both placed 4th in the youth men’s and youth women’s categories, respectively. On Saturday, in the pursuit, Bjorn was 3rd and Marika was 2nd. The racing concluded on Sunday with a mass start, where Bjorn was 5th and Marika was 2nd

On Saturday, the Mansfield Nordic Club hosted the New England Club Relay Championships at Craftsbury. In the BKL division, the team “Fast and Furious 4” consisting of Trey Jones, Cormac Leahy, Orion Cenkl, and Charlie Krebs was 1st, followed by the team “BKL Comp 1,” in 3rd, made up of Leo Circosta, Amelia Circosta, Anika Leahy, and Ben from CSU.

On Sunday, the Spring Fling races took place in Craftsbury. In the 4.5k BKL race, Owen Jones was 2nd. In the 15k women’s race, Alex Lawson was 1st overall, followed by Anna Isselhardt in 7th (3rd 5-6th grader), and Anika Leahy was 18th (1st grades 2-3). Next was Isabel Linton in 23rd (2nd grades 3-4), Amelia Circosta in 24th (3rd grades 3-4), Adelle MacDowell in 26th (4th grades 7-8), and Emily Linton in 28th (4th grades 3-4). In the men’s race, Trey Jones led the way in 5th place overall (1st grades 7-8), with Cormac Leahy close behind in 6th (2nd grades 7-8). Charlie Krebs was 24th (1st grades 5-6), Leo Circosta was 26th (2nd 5-6), Sage Grossi was 27th (3rd grades 5-6), Orion Cenkl was 28th (4th 7-8), and Alan Moody was 32nd (5th grades 5-6). 

Results from the biathlon races can be found here and Club Relays/ Spring Fling here