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IMG 20170709 101412

Caitlin using poles to conquer the steep scent (Photo: Susan Dunklee).

IMG 20170709 103808

Kelsey's all smiles as she cruises up the mountain (Photo: Susan Dunklee).

IMG 4160

Skiers on the running podium! (Photo: Caitlin Patterson).

Whiteface Sky Race

Last Updated: 12.Jul.2017

Last weekend, GRP athlete Caitlin Patterson and U23 summer athlete Kelsey Dickinson travelled to Lake Placid, New York to compete in the Whiteface Vertical K and Sky Races.

The Vertical K (VK) race was on Saturday and was a grueling 2.4 miles up Whiteface Mountain. To put how steep this race was in perspective, Caitlin was the 2nd place woman in 44:44. Kelsey was 4th place in a time of 52:16.

With only an afternoon to recover, the duo hit the slopes again on Sunday morning for perhaps the main event of the weekend: the 5.4 mile, 8000 feet of vertical gain Sky Race. The race involved two laps up and down a Whiteface ski trail and one flat loop in the middle. Caitlin was victorious in this event with a time of 3:18 and Kelsey was 3rd in 3:52. Congrats to these two for putting their run strength and stamina to the test! Results can be found here