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Event: The Effects of Climate Change on Maple & Dairy in VT

Last Updated: 19.Sep.2017

Over the next 50 years there will be major shifts in population, climate as well as in the dairy and maple industries worldwide. Some regions are positioned to benefit strongly in food production, including Vermont where dairy and maple thrive - but local producers will need to address challenges from climatic changes too. Join us for a free evening of speakers who'll help us understand some of challenges and opportunities that these shifts will present all of us.

We're happy to host an evening to explore those challenges via “The Effects of Climate Change on Maple & Dairy in Vermont: 50 Years in the Future” at 7:00pm, Wednesday, September 20th, sponsored by the Craftsbury Land Committee. The evening's speakers include Dr. Jack Britt a scientist, teacher professor and consultant who has worked at Michigan State University, North Carolina State University and the University of Tennessee. Britt is the author of 600 scientific and technical publications.

Britt will be joined by Dr. Travis Reynolds, an Associate Professor of Environmental Studies at Colby College and a producer of organic maple syrup and beef at Stannard Farm. There will be a group discussion following their presentations as part of this free event.

Need more info? Contact organizer Louise Calderwood.