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MTB - done, Fatbikes - begun

Last Updated: 17.Nov.2017

The bad news:  As of November 17, the 2017 MTB season is done at Craftsbury. It's been a great season, and thanks for joining us. 

The good news this winter at Craftsbury:  fatbiking! We're happy to announce that we'll be formally welcoming fatbikes to selected trails and our singletrack, under defined circumstances. Some rules:

  • Skiers and snowshoers have right of way. Stop at all intersections with ski trails. We're new users, give respect to get respect.
  • When on ski trails, fatbikers must stay to the edge and stay off the classic track.
  • Respect our landowners; only ride on designated fatbiking trails.
  • Don’t ride anything narrower than 4” tires
  • Don’t ride if the 24-hour snowfall total is more than 6”
  • Don’t ride if the temp is 30F or above
  • Don’t ride if you are leaving more than a 1” rut
  • Don’t ride if you are post-holing
  • Don’t ride if you are struggling to ride in a straight line
  • Ride and snowshoe at your own risk
  • Cyclists pay the same trail fees as skiers and snowshoers
  • Helmets are required when riding on Craftsbury trails. Ride within your limits.
  • Trails are for non-motorized use only.
  • Dogs: In the winter dogs are only allowed to accompany fatbikers on the lakes. Carry a leash, in case you need to control your dog.

See the snowshoe/fatbike map here, and our singletrack board is being converted to show fatbike conditions (see them over at TrailHub too).

What about manmade snow? No fatbikes on the manmade loop. This can't be emphasized enough, when we're trying to keep the snow clean and open for skiing. Bide your time riders, it's a long winter, and snow's coming. In the meantime, leave the field loops for the skiers.

Do you have rentals? We'll be rolling out some rentals from our bike partner Kona, so watch for that coming soon.

What about grooming? Our grooming staff's attention remains on producing some of the best Nordic ski trails in North America. Grooming for fatbike singletrack will be primarily via snowshoe. Want to improve the situation? Interested volunteers should drop us a line at bikes@craftsbury.com, and we'll look to reward you with membership or similar.

Questions? Hit bikes@craftsbury.com